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  1. lone one

    Transbaviaans 2022

    Couldn’t agree more - can’t see any reason for the organisers sticking to the early start - multiple successful prior years starting at 10 All my previous races started at 10am and they were chilly but warmed up quickly My next years commitment will be dependent on the start time
  2. lone one

    Transbaviaans 2022

    Done a few TB - Pulled out at 30km. Adequately dressed apart from gloves (which were thermal and water resistant) not water proof which ended in cold and completely numb hands Complete numb hands led to having to change gears with knuckles (thank goodness for AXS) and suddenly feeling the bike slowing quite a few times only to find the weight of my figures were pressing on break levers without knowing Something i don't see on this tread spoken about is the critical need for fueling and drinking in endurance events like this - anyone with seriously numb hands and all the layers of cloths made it impossible to fuel properly - TB has some of the best feed station but with the lack of fueling in the first 60km people that pushed through were also caught out later
  3. Fork is on a bike bought second hand. As the charger 2 damper is a sealed unit what I have also read seems the oil is not a service item Your views?
  4. damper is 2018/2019 - lower leg service and air regular service. I was advised that the damper due to it been a sealed unit it not needing service
  5. Rockshox charger 2 damper RC has stopped working Fork was stuck mid compression and would only use about 20% of the stroke Removed the damper and eventually got it to compress - this resulted in oil coming out through a nick in the damper bladder I have searched the web and found nothing Question - anyone else experienced this issue It is sealed diaphragm with the bladder holding the oil - it is sealed in the station so how the nick in the bladder it a mystery Rockshox is obviously saying the entire damper needs to be replaced
  6. Thanks for posting (and replying to my DM) just had the guy showing interest in my car I am selling.
  7. sure it was a blow out - it definitely sounded like it. We were flying at that stage. Had to hammer the breaks skidding all over the place (about the 100th time for the day though ) it looked like a train wreck, a random wheel in the middle of the road, a saddle on the side and sadly a few guys looking like they were battling to get up. Group shattered there after Hope the fallen guys are all ok
  8. Are there any early morning group road rides in an around the George area?
  9. changed from arch 19mm width to race face 27mm - world of difference, increase in grip, can run lower pressure so you get a smoother ride as well
  10. Those shocks can cost a fortune to service
  11. I bought these a few years back - work like a dream and you can swim with them https://www.amazon.com/Sony-Walkman-NWZW273S-Waterproof-Swimming/dp/B00I05EFO4?tag=ciq00042-20
  12. Looking to do some custom decals and vinyl stickers for some wheels. I have tried to make contact with Tyrone which then changed his name to vinyl guy which is highly recommended but had no luck Anyone else?
  13. Road or MTB Tuesday and Thursday Normally a road ride leaving Lord charles robots at 5am - normally Jonkerhoek and back - roughly 2 hours Wednesday usually an easy MTB ride around 1.30 hours leaving at 5.30
  14. yip the Peninsula has some great views as well!
  15. GB to Rooiels/Pringle or Betty's is a regular route, probably the most scenic route in CT - holiday traffic can be problematic so early out and early back in would work. Wind can be problem - check it out on the day as it can get quite dangerous if it is pumping. from GB you can easily head out to Fanschoek/Wellington etc lovely. lots of local rides will be happening around this time - although with traffic build up, generally spend more time on the MTB than road. PM if need any other info
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