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  1. I don't think Alaphilippe wanted the yellow today anyway. It's too early, let's wait for the mountains
  2. Hi, Would definitely been keen to help. I'm also in the northern suburbs Regards Matthieu
  3. And it's only day3... How many will finish in Paris...
  4. Hi, This is a long shot. I'm looking for a spare scicon roller clamp (for the scicon saddle bags) but cannot find stock locally. I did give one away a while ago after loosing the bag, but now regretting it after buying a new one... Thanks Matt
  5. well it looks like MVDP and Pidcock are focussing on the MTB and Alaphilippe has decide not go I believe as he's getting a child or something. Also it is very close to the Tour
  6. any current SA champ should be there...
  7. There just is more money in men road cycling. For women I think the gap is a lot closer in that respect
  8. Is it just me or a gravel bike with flat bars is a rigid hardtail MTB? Is it therefore easier to change bar+brakes+shifter etc on the gravel bike, or get a Hardtail MTB and put a fixed fork on?
  9. what size tires? about 119kg with 2.35 tires front and rear (barzo/mezcal) and i've settled on 27psi f and 29psi b
  10. like the guys driving around sandton with roof top tents on their defender
  11. I don't know local dealer but I have a ERGON SMC4-L that imported a little while ago that never worked for me. Only one 90km ride on it (should have tested on a shorter one but at least I was sure). I will be listing it for R1200 (imported for R1800). Let me know if interested
  12. Better late than never, I never noticed the thread. I've been at it since the beginning of the year after my wife got me on JEFF. I haven't touched the bike yet in 2 months though, but I worked my butt off and ate well. Reduced booze a lot (i.e. dry jan and then just a couple of beers on weekend) and the results are showing... Still a long way
  13. the tricky part is getting 24' tubeless tires. Let us know if oyu find something locally. Vee tires has one option that comes standard on the momsen 24' junior bike, but it is all sold out
  14. matthieup


    and you need to be a news24 subscriber...
  15. high risk high rewards. it cannot be too much more than the power they put out in a Sprint
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