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  1. Im holding out for cars in the park in pmb....sigh.
  2. Nay Dude Nay!!! It can be any colour as long as its black! (Didnt Henry Ford say that??) But the man was right...the best bikes imho, are black or silver....in black even an ugly bike can look hot (but your pic aint an ugly bike AT ALL!!)
  3. Dangle Ive got a serious jealous! These things are SOOOOO NAAAIIICEEE!!!!!!!!!! :drool: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6023/6009091945_07286fce34_z.jpg
  4. They just dont make them like they used to...sigh... Man I just LOVE vintage cars!! Thanks for this one...*drooling*
  5. Im outta here, have a good eve all...
  6. Top 5 Men - Finish 1 3:50:13 16 Bevan Docherty Santa Cruz CA NZL 2 3:50:55 0:42 24 Lance Armstron Austin TX USA 3 3:52:59 2:46 5 Richie Cunningh Boulder CO AUS 4 3:53:38 3:25 4 Rasmus Henning Tuineje DOM 5 3:54:44 4:31 12 Romain Guillaum Montmorot FRA
  7. 1 3:50:13 16 Bevan Docherty Santa Cruz CA NZL 2 3:50:55 0:42 24 Lance Armstrong Austin TX USA Bevan Docherty: "I didn't really know that I could win this. It is my first half Ironman race in 12 years and I wasn't sure how to pace myself. I got my second wind in the last 4 km and was able to catch Lance." Cunningham just crossed the line in third, with Rasmus Henning following him in fourth.
  8. Lance Armstrong just finished second at Ironman 70.3 Panama - an impressive 3:50:55.
  9. Here comes Docherty! He's won Ironman 70.3 Panama in 3:50:13.
  10. Armstrong is into the stadium now, too. What a debut! Second!
  11. Docherty is now 30 seconds ahead of Lance Armstrong. He can't ease off a bit because Armstrong is not quitting at all!
  12. Hah - I forgot they had to make one more loop around the parking lot! Docherty should be coming into the stadium area any second now. This place is hopping - hands down the most people I've seen at a finish line in North or South America.
  13. Armstrong is hurting now - but third place isn't in sight, so he should be good for second here today.
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