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  1. Lol that day I took you on the easiest route Daryl That way I took you was one of about 5 ways in and out on the Kloof/Hillcrest side alone. There are 3 other big climbs hidden in the back side that I've personally done, and about 3 others that I know are there but I haven't got round to yet. And then there's that one single tarred climb out the back via Nagle Dam to Wartburg that only a few people have ever cycled (according to Strava at least). It's a gem because it's the only true crossing of the Valley and makes for an epic ride. One over the top at Harburg, you've got the choice of going round via PMB or the opposite direction to Ballito.
  2. Yip it will be a road ride, all on tar. There's some genuine TDF-level terrain there. Terrain that honours the L'Etape ethos ("ride a stage of the Tour de France") that this Midlands route simply can't. Here's a recent ride I did, crossing the Valley from the Hillcrest area up into the Noodsberg range (1000m elevation) and then down to Ballito and back to DBN: https://www.relive.cc/view/895624487
  3. Ok 'busy' is relatively speaking. Compared to JHB roads: wonderful. Compared to the Valley: busy. It is right in the middle of the very popular Midlands Meander after all so without closure you're going to be dealing with traffic. And yes, only a section of the route is poor. Much of it is excellent. So I don't know if that was an exaggeration. But the Valley still knocks the socks off the Letape route. Awe inspiring stuff. Anyway, just a suggestion
  4. As a licensed rider I'm out if they don't sort this mess out. If that happens, I'll plan my own big ride out in the Valley of Thousand Hills or similar. Others in a similar situation as me who still want a nice epic day out, please join me! And the roads are very quiete down there, few cars. So those folks who don't want to race on a busy & dodgy road, you're welcome too.
  5. Yes I believe so. Hopefully next weekend will be better.
  6. All the best, Grant, it's going to be seriously hot. Do you have a support vehicle for all the water you'll need (and in case someone goes into distress)?
  7. I've checked 5 different weather sites. Your one is the most extreme in terms of the amount of rain expected. But yes, the general consensus across all of them is that it's going to be raining to some degree on Sunday. Vivek and everyone else, what do you want to do? Cancel this weekend and push out to next weekend? I'll probably still drive up on Sunday if there's a chance of finding ridable conditions (I don't mind a bit of rain). DBN is definitely out so my only chance is to go inland.
  8. Guys, take a look at Sunday's weather. Much better conditions: cool, overcast with maybe a bit of rain. Perfect riding conditions in my book.
  9. When it comes to getting an accurate temperature forecast that takes into account humidity, etc., I have been following Accuweather's RealFeel® index. It gives a much better idea of what the conditions will really feel like out there in the sun. Saturday's RealFeel® index is 36°And the Max UV Index is 9 (very high) http://www.accuweather.com/en/za/pietermaritzburg/305606/daily-weather-forecast/305606?day=5
  10. Forecast says stiff NE and 35 degrees (and very high UV index). I don't ride in the heat as much as possible (which is why I normally start my rides at 3am, sometimes even 2am). So if it's going to be that hot, I'm most likely pulling out I'm afraid, and do a solo night ride instead.
  11. Nope, quite happy to ride at the groups pace. If someone punctures we all stop. And lots of photo taking along the way, I'm sure. One of those rides where it's all about the simple joy of riding, not about time or ave. speed. We can even stop for a Wimpy coffee in Mooi River. Why rush Just hoping the weather is a bit cooler next weekend. We're melting in this heat wave.
  12. They have to keep pedaling downhill, feathering the brake to keep their cadence within acceptable levels.
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