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  1. We're both booked in for our first shot this afternoon and for a second shot at the end of the month. Spain seem to have a fairly good system in place. Hoping for no side effects of course. 🙂
  2. A climb that is not for the faint hearted . . . .
  3. Working in Spain . . . . My work here generally consists of three things. MTB guiding, Campsite maintenance and "helping local farmers". What I'm doing now is so far removed from what I've ever done before that it's hard to make any reasonable comparisons. I suspect that people doing similar jobs in the UK or SA to what I'm doing now will see a lot of similarities - but for me it's a world of difference. "High Season" here is July, August & September. That's typically when I work 7 days a week at a local Campsite, usually 8am to 2pm and then I guide people in the e
  4. B.O.A.C stood for "Baggage On Another Continent" apparently . . . . 🙂
  5. We've just started watching "The Blacklist" with James Spader. Season 1 is from 2014 but we've never seen it before! My son recommended it and so far we're enjoying it.
  6. The Original was on telly here in Spain recently. 🙂
  7. Friends of ours in Witbank haven't had water for 12 days . . . .
  8. Rough landing for the pilot! But better than staying in the plane, obvs.
  9. Not nice seeing scum like these creeping around your garden in the middle of the night man 😞 Where are the bear traps when you need them?
  10. Not sure if this has been asked - I haven't followed this thread. Am I right in thinking that I can no longer see how many people have "viewed" posts? It was always interesting to me to see who noticed when I posted an update 🙂
  11. Whichever direction you're riding, that's a fast descent down to the bridge followed by a slow climb up the other side on a bike. If I remember correctly, a rider was actually killed close to that bottom bridge after hitting a pothole back around 2014/15?
  12. Remembering the "Jose "Pepe" Perez Memorial Race" held annually in October in Barbastro, a town about 50km south of where we live. Jose was a policeman who was sadly killed on duty. I raced this in 2018 and loved it. Hoping it will be on again this year. The race was well organized and had a great atmosphere.
  13. I like some of those songs, but I'd never have them on my player for a training ride!
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