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  1. I've been running Ryder clip in pedals for about 18 months and they've been great. I started getting a painful footsole about a month ago on the right foot, and lo and behold the left pedal cleat clip in broke yesterday (see pic). So I'm looking at a new set of Shimano SPDs, will the caged pedal (pics attached) provide better foot support to prevent the pain underfoot or are the actual shoes packing up (Ryders also 18 months old)? @ChrisF @RobertWhitehead you blokes seem very knowledgeable 👍🏼👍🏼
  2. As some of you may know, myself and "Wendy" have been talking about moving from SA back to Europe for quite a while now. Our "dream" is to run a B&B / Guest House somewhere near the Pyrenees mountains, either in North Eastern Spain or South Western France. We will cater for anyone wishing to stay, but plan to offer extra services that make us especially appealing to fellow cyclists from around the world. Given our limited budget (and our love of hard work ) the intention is to buy a reasonable priced property in need of renovation that we can tailor to suit our needs. We will then carry out the necessary work and, hopefully before we starve to death, open our doors to the paying public. Our friends & families, our ex-colleagues (some of them anyway) and lots of Hubbers have asked us to document our progress so that they can see how we're progressing. The next 6 months are going to be interesting (and more than a little bit nerve-wracking!) to say the least. To that end (and hopefully with the Site Admins permission!) I am going to use this thread as a "Blog" to post our progress. We would welcome any warnings or advice Hubbers may have, we will answer any questions we can and, of course, you can take the mickey out of me when I get something silly wrong. (I say "me" because Wendy doesn't make mistakes) We will also be documenting our progress using a "Facebook Group". It is a closed group at the moment but if you have FB and want to follow us, just PM me on here your FB email address and I'll add you to the group. Not everyone likes FB but for us it's an easy way to post pictures and keep in touch with lots of people all over the world at the same time. It's almost as if that's what FB was designed for . . . Wish us luck :-) B&W The original "moving to Spain" thread is here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/141705-one-of-the-reasons-were-looking-forward-to-moving-to-spain/
  3. The Pyrenees - I never get tired of looking at them. . . . . As the title suggests, I'm going to try and fill this thread with all manner of interesting, funny and/or informative cycling related things from this beautiful part of the world and the surrounding areas. :-)
  4. I thought it made sense to start a thread with some of the photos of our trip in Northern Thailand. We’re doing it with Trailhead out of Chiang Mai. 6 days / 6 nights. Each day takes us further north into more remote areas. Day 1 is the easiest day and involved crossing a lake and then riding through some of the thickest mud I have ever encountered through the forest. It was tons of fun and we ended it off with a little road section through rice paddies and blue skies. Total distance was 46km with 551m of climbing.
  5. Hi everyone, just to let you know that B'sorah's MTB trails near Skeerpoort is open again to day visitors on Sundays to Fridays. We currently have a 18km and 26km trail, and some longer and shorter distances will be added soon to accommodate all types of riders. We also now have a shop and picnic area. Please park and pay at reception before starting your ride. For directions, visit our website at http://www.bsorah.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. Our website will be updated soon with info on the trails, but in the meantime please send us an email at info@bsorah.com if you need any more info. Hope we see you guys soon.
  6. Hi Hubbers, So this video is a year old now but has anyone here built/welded/carbon lay up a frame together from scratch? If so please do share details and pics😁 I don't currently have the tool-set but think it would still be an awesome project.
  7. I have noticed quite a number of cyclists around Babsfontein when I pass through. I would like to explore the area a bit. If I start in Babsfontein, where do I head out for a lekker exploring 30/40 km without transgressing onto private property and staying off the paved surfaces? a GPS file will be most welcome. Anyone?
  8. Hello Bike Hub Community, Very common question, but I need some help buying my first Mountain Bike. I was big into road cycling but moved to CPT but work and spend most time in FHK. I want to get into mountain biking and have a limited R18K (upper limit) budget. Do I sell/trade in my Raleigh LTD (Blue & Yellow) Carbon to fund this? How do I make a choice between the limited options at my price range? Obviously good components are vital. Focus on group set, suspension ? Where will I find the best bang for my buck (no particular order)? • MOMSEN AL 329 (2021) • 2022 Silverback Stride SX • TITAN Rogue Dash (2022) • MERIDA Big Trail 200 (2022) • MERIDA Big Nine 400 (2022) • 2022 Marvel Prime • Trek Marlin 7/8 Advice and guidance is much appreciated 👌🏻
  9. Hi Guys Looking for a venue for just the wife and myself to go for long weekend in June. It's my birthday so we're leaving the kids behind (for the first time) and looking for somewhere no more than about 2 and 1/2 hours drive from JHB with awesome mountain biking and great accommodation (no camping please - weekend away in lieu of 50th birthday party, so a spoil). We both ride MTB and usually about 80 - 100km rides in and around JHB. Looking for scenic and nice flowing routes and trails to ride three days in a row. Not looking for downhill or really gnarly singletrack trails as we want to also enjoy time off the bikes. Suggestions please but also comment on the type and distance of MTB trails / routes - I may contact you for GPX files.! Nice to have self catering option but preferably somewhere where we can also go for a light lunch and or dinner close by. Thanks
  10. My father-in-law has recently purchased a holiday house in Pringle Bay, I can see myself spending a good few weekends there, any trails worth checking out in the area?
  11. I've just moved to Westbeach & looking for a morning group ride to Melkbos (or Koeberg) & back. This ride would be week days on a MTB. My pace the is about 25km/h, depending on wind. Weekends would be in different, Tygerberg trails. Time would be around 6am. Summer mornings are perfect!
  12. Canyon K.I.S: Another solution to a problem that doesn't exist? or game changer? The name (or reference) is kind of ironic in that regard i think, nothing about dampening a bicycle's steering is keeping it simple. Admittedly a cool idea, although not a new one when you consider touring bikes, kids bikes and even motorbikes. I can see aftermarket things being bolted to stems on toptubes..... Edit: Have a listen to the parts where they talk about how it tends to pull the rear around almost like rear wheel steering. https://www.bikeradar.com/news/canyon-syntace-kis-self-centring-steering-stabilisation-system/
  13. Event Name: Giant Bicycles Beat The Board - FNB W2WWhen: 28/10/2022 - 05/11/2022Where: , Grabouw, Western CapeCategory: Mountain BikeCome down to the FNB W2W and try Beat The Board! Grab one of our Demo E-bikes, power through the Strava segment and claim those bragging rights. All participants also stand the chance to win their 2023 FNB W2W entry! Beat The Board will happen on the 28th, 29th & 31st of October, as well as the 1st, 4th & 5th of November.  Come #RideUnleashed on one of the below bikes: Go to Event Page.
  14. Marin Bikes are Made For Fun 🔥 Since the first mountain bikes bearing the Marin Bikes name debuted in 1986, the brand has been dedicated to enriching the lives of our riders by making fun, high calibre bicycles, which provide years of riding enjoyment. We operate a business based on hard work, fueled by passion, and fulfilled by the satisfaction of bringing the joy of cycling to riders across the world………and now to SOUTH AFRCA! Whether your idea of fun involves riding rugged trails up in the Drakensberg, pinning on a race number and entering your first race, taking the long way home, bikepacking to that remote campsite, or just exploring the neighbourhood bike paths, Marin brings the fun to your ride. It’s the principle that guides us when developing new bikes, from long-travel, trail-devouring machines that are at home in some of the world’s most challenging race circuits to the multi-surface capable pavement collection. Each model is designed to be playful and to maximize the opportunities for two-wheeled fun. We plan our offering around being able to supply excellent quality bikes at the best prices! Hello South Africa, welcome to the fun, welcome to MARIN BIKES! Our range is available at leading bike retailers! Get in touch with us for more information on the range available and find your nearest retailer 076 970 7708
  15. Car key lost on snakes or lizard or bad yet or the climbs up. Modern keyless fob type key
  16. So i discovered an issue with my thule euroway bikerack yesterday. My flippen stupid long cotic rocket (-1350mm wheelbase) is impossible to mount to it securely. It fits on the rack at the wheels when it’s stretched to its max, but the design flaw in the rack is the fixed points for the wheel straps, so where they end up and where they need to be to fix the wheels in place are worlds apart. A strap about 2x the length of the stock one should solve the issue i guess. The only way i could get it mounted was to invert the fork at the front to effectively shorten the wheelbase by enough to get the straps to reach…but even then I can only manage to get them to go one notch/click in by compressing the tyres. Has anyone else with longer geo trail/mtbs figured out how to mcgyver this? Its such a dumb issue, how they could not foresee this issue in the age of longer slacker bikes is beyond me. edit: i guess this is the solution: https://www.thule.com/en-za/bike-rack/towbar-bike-rack-accessories/thule-xxl-fatbike-wheel-straps-_-985000
  17. After almost 2 years of going back and forth on with what to replace my trusty Santa Cruz 5010, I finally left holy ground and pulled the trigger on a Deviate Highlander frame. A FREAKIN' 29er... I'm getting the black edition with 150mm rear travel. The aim is a more trail orientated bike, rather than full enduro, ie. no Zeb or 38 or piggy back shock. I haven't 100% decided on the build, but it will most probably be: RS Lyrik Ultimate 160mm; CaneCreek DB Air IL DT rims laced to Hope hubs Hope X2 brakes from my current bike SLX 12x group set (this is a big change for me: I haven't ridden Shitmano since before 2004) Bike Yoke Revive dropper. It's been great to deal with Ben from Deviate. I wish the SA distributors of bikes I was looking at, were this keen on doing business. Now for the long wait until July...
  18. the youtube algorithm popped this into my playlist. I see Sam Pilgrim uploaded this yesterday (6 Feb 2022). "HOW I SEE IT: SOUTH AFRICA is here and it's filled with urban MTB downhill, freeride lines, skateparks, bike tricks, dirt jumps, sports car hooning, a crazy helicopter ride in to the mountains and endless send! Get ready for the action!" Considering Sam has 1.6mil subs to his channel, thats an awesome advertisement for SA and CT in particular. Good video too. Max's perspective:
  19. As we near the end of the 2021 season, let's get a chat started about rider and team changes, both locally and internationally!
  20. Hey guys, I've now officially worn my Fox Ranger and my el-cheapo baggies from the UK to bits and keen to get a nice new pair. I want a padded liner with the shorts - I'm not keen for a bib under a baggy or boardshorts. Any pointers of what to look for, where to look? Ideally not imports and I've destroyed google without satisfying results. Not keen on orange, neon yellow or even bright blues. Prefer grey, black or navy - or at least darker colours. I've already looked at: Fox Ranger new version - so far on topIndola enduro shorts - two zipper pockets at odd placesFirst Ascent Trail baggies - pretty good actually, but Med too small and large way too big.
  21. The Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy (BHRC) is celebrating 10 years of mountain with the addition of new single tracks and starting points and now offers a 120km trail network. To ensure that the routes continue to offer exciting new mountain bike experiences to riders, R160 000 was invested in new trail developments this past year. Trail-Blazers planned, designed and built the original trails and have played an integral part in trail maintenance and route developments over the past decade. In addition, they make a significant investment in community development through the employment of local youths. Not only have they generated 200 man days in the past six weeks, but also transferred valuable skills to the team. The Jordan route has been extended and now features a lovely new 1.2km single track designed and built by Conrad Stoltz, former triathlon world champion. Riders can look forward to a flowy single track in natural terrain with unique granite dome rides that is suitable for all levels of riders. On completion of his first project in collaboration with the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy, Stoltz stated that views of the ocean, mountains and vineyards will take your breath away, (if the climb doesn’t). Additional single track sections were also completed by Trail-Blazers and the owners of Jordan. “Nature lovers will appreciate the Renosterveld with its abundant wildlife. An eagle soaring on the breeze, sharing the trail with duiker and, if you're lucky, you may spot the caracal and its cub stepping into the brush. The location and its people are fantastic and made this one of my favourite builds. Hopefully it brings pleasure to riders for many years to come,” concluded Stoltz. The new single track section on Wolwedans Vineyards offers spectacular views, while the new single track from Fort Simon is ideal for those looking for a challenge and Bellevue will ease new riders into the trails. Another super exciting addition, is the Polkadraai loop that starts and finishes at Somm & Co at Karibib. A bonus offering for 2022 BHRC annual permit holders, is free access to the Polkadraai Bike Park set to open in the New Year. Day permits (R70 payable with Zapper) are available from Asara Wine Estate, Bellevue Wine Estate, Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate, Fort Simon Wine Estate, Hazendal Wine Estate, Jordan Wine Estate, Neethlingshof Wine Estate, Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Somms & Co. Karibib, Engen Soneike, Shell Kruispad, Hellsend Bike Compound Stellenbosch, Dwars in die Weg security in Devon Valley, Devonbosch coffee kiosk and soon the Polkadraai Bike Park. Annual permits available online www.bottelaryconservancy.co.za – also download Trailforks for an updated trail map and route profiles. The Bottelary Hills MTB Trails were opened by the Bottelary Hills Conservancy in April 2011 and allow controlled access to the conservancy via dedicated routes. The rolling hillsides feature vineyards, farmland, conservation areas and trails comprise of farm roads, jeep tracks and numerous single tracks. While never too technical, there are challenging climbs and a variety of distances on offer for riders of all fitness levels. The BHRC was founded to maintain, expand and sustain the large tracts of remaining Renosterveld in its area - less than 4% of the original Renosterveld in the Western Cape remains. Funds generated through annual and day permits as well as events are used mainly to subsidize alien vegetation eradication. In addition, dedicated community programmes and projects address the socio-economic challenges of the people living and working on the farms within the BHRC.
  22. Hi Hubbers! Our Black Friday sale is in full swing - so head over to see what is on sale! Items can be found here: https://evobikes.co.za/product-category/black_friday_1/
  23. So I was hearing alot of complaints on the day of the 25km race that the event was way too hilly especially for "newbies" just wanted to find out what everyone else that raced it thought about the whole race as a whole
  24. Hi everyone , I'm looking for some clipless pedals that won't break the bank. Iv seen some DMR ones and Crankbrothers but they are all above R3000 I'm used to Shimano type of pedals anyone have any idea of some good budget ones?
  25. I apologise in advance if this topic already exists somewhere, I did search. Has anyone signed up for the Val de Vie MTB Expedition? It's happening on the 14th to 16th of May (inclusive)? Entries close on the 10th of May. It was originally a team event but now they also accept single riders. My friend signed me up for it It is 127km of riding around Paarl over 3 days. It consists of: A time trial (in their emails they keep calling it a Time TRAIL, aaaargh): 20km on the 14th Stage 2: 75km on the 15th 1650m ascent Val de Vie Estate| Hawequa Forest | Wild Hog Welvanpas | Drakenstein Mountains Stage 3 – 77km 1800m ascent Val de Vie Estate| Banhoek | Helshoogte | Boschendal | Plasir de Merle Idas Valley Dam Skyfall | Camissa | Klipwerf | Afterburner | Inferno | Sugarbowl
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