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  1. Since you are used to Nike's, and seem to like them, I can definitely recommend the Nike Wildhorse range for trail running. They will work for everything except the most slippery conditions... In fact, I like them so much I'm on my 4th pair (started using them with the Wildhorse 3 model and am currently on the Wildhorse 6)
  2. Wat great sal wees as julle plek maak vir "ad hoc" skrywers wat net half 'n once-off elke nou en dan wil skryf van hul avonture...
  3. Conrad has serviced my bikes on many occasions, I was happy with his service (and I am pretty pedantic when it comes to my bikes).
  4. What nobody touched on though, is the little bit of magical fairy dust that gets added to the superbike's paint. And you may laugh and think I am sarcastic, however this is true. The fairy dust facilitates the creation of boyish wet-dreams when staring at one of these bikes. Its what makes an average phone camera make these look like they have been Canon DSLR'ed and Photo-shopped like a Kardashian's profile pic. Its the stuff that inspires young boys in Kenya and elsewhere alike to become top-notch riders at the top of the pyramid of what is humanly possible, like Froomy, Merckx who came before us. At least, that's what the marketing makes us believe Are they better than normal bikes? Yes. Is the level of betterness due to the fairy dust worth the extra money? Sure, if money is not a problem. Will it make you significantly faster? Maybe, due to psychology, but perhaps not due to the claimed benefits from marketing. However, when it's all said and done, I would rather let them add fairy dust to bicycles, ask a massive premium for it, and inspire people to get fit, than I would have them add fairy dust to other useless things in this world, like iPhones...
  5. Agreed, also had only good service form them..
  6. TLDR...I only read the crux of it, not everything, so if I duplicate anything, sorry... My two cents though, is that the biggest cycling mistake I ever made, and still regret, was to sell my Ritchey steel frame rim brake road bike a few years ago and getting a carbon aero disc brake road bike. Sure, I whacked more than 15 mins of my best 94.7 time using the aero bike (albeit not only due to the bike, but also increase in fitness)...yet it never gets ridden as its uncomfortable to me. And believe me, its crap if a bike just stands around as then the wife's n-1 argument gets fueled and soon a bike is gone.
  7. I am not a fan of proprietary and (possibly) finicky parts on a bike...thus the seat post clamp and IPU thingy gets a nod of disapproval from me. Stuff that you are going to struggle with finding parts for in a few years. Besides that, the frame looks pretty cool.
  8. Well, I will give kudos to Admin...yesterday I set aside some time to do some community service and went through some adds. I flagged 3 rim brake road bikes that were listed under disc road bikes and shortly after they were gone from the disc brake section. So well done on that, the report function works. BUT, I do feel that I may have missed out on a few opportunities to also help educate some fellow cyclists on the difference between disc brakes and rim brakes, had there been a comments section in the classifieds
  9. I wonder if this is the new e-bike version of the Tallboy? https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/417911/santa-cruze-tallboy-1 Last I checked its spelled Santa Cruz, sans "e"...and I mean, its written on the actual frame so not sure how you get that wrong... Hence, my logical conclusion, Santa Cruze must be the e-bike division of Santa Cruz.
  10. Ag this sucks...they are a good crowd at the shop...
  11. Wow, thanks guys for the source file! I'm going to ask a buddy to print one for me
  12. Not super urgent, I can wait a week or two... Looks like these guys in the UK don't ship to ZA.
  13. It used to be September or so but that date has been slowly creeping forward, so that now Spaz, Dale and Trek launched theirs quite early in the year.
  14. Thanks, I probably should have said in my original post, I did also already try CCS, they don't have...
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