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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about December training rides... from around 17 Dec onwards, from Durbanville - Graanendal area. Long, slow, distance rides. Are there groups doing that already that I could join? Very unfit currently, hoping to address that issue. Road cycling - not mtb.
  2. This is not good news.. one of my new year resolutions was to cycle to work as soon as we move into our new offices... Would have to use the R44 to get from G'Bay/Strand to Stellenbosch & back.
  3. I'm looking for a job in the Western Cape a.s.a.p. Architectural field preferably, else Administration.
  4. Neoprene toe-caps. Buff or rather balaclava if you've got it. Winter gloves. FULL leg warmers (believe me, knee warmers not enough). Vest, bib, winter shirt.... yep, basically just about everything you own...
  5. As Jackie/o said, my problem has been solved. I did not have access to the email address registered for our club and therefor did not receive any emails. No fault of CGC. Thanks Jackie.
  6. My club did not receive any notice. I have tried to contact CGC via email in the past to hear about meetings etc that we had to attend, and did not receive any reply. We're affiliated with CGC & GNC. We have people attending GNC meetings regularly. We receive regular correspondence from them. If any of our club members were supposed to attend I apologize to them, however I did NOT receive any notification of any meetings/prize givings whatsoever.
  7. Excellent!!! :) Glad you got your bike back!
  8. Wolverine because he's an all-round nice guy. Always willing to help, doesn't matter if you're a "vinnige frikkie" or just an "average joe", he's always got something good to say to cheer you up. If you want to sponsor a "genuine" person, and not base your decision on looks or performance alone, then he's the one. He gets my vote anyway.
  9. Contact Sias (hubber). He'll be able to tell you about Potch club rides.
  10. Hahaha! I could start in front of you Phen!!
  11. Your 2008 licence will still be accepted until the end of January. I've also got a % seeding based on my previous times. However I will be riding in one of the open groups - I am just too unfit to race at the moment.
  12. Jy sien dit werk so....... First you have to INVITE the TCS guys to be able to attend......... Thanks Spidey... You took the words out of my mouth... I was so jealous of the TCS guys having so much fun I thought to myself I wish I could be part of that club... It wasn't an official club ride.
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