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  1. I would go for Tofu tires and use there carbon sealant as backup. I used the carbon sealant (only after a puncture) on a normal tube and tire and it sealed at 8 Bar.
  2. Sometimes during races when the attacks are extreme it feels like my heart is beating out of my chest but legs feel fine and feels also if my HR is stuck at 180. I have to stop pedaling and use my asthma pump in order to het my hr under controlled. Normally when the pace is to hard you get that burning feeling on your legs but no issues with my hr. There is 2 different feeling and with the stress ekg (walking for 2 min) at 150HR is hardly a test where my max HR is 186 Just want peace of mind. Last thing I want is to have an attack like my 1st and end up on the ground while biking.
  3. My doctor discovered that I get SVT and abnormal heart beats. I want to do a cycling test where I can push myself while my HR is monitored and to see if my cycling is adding to the problem. Does anybody of a institute around JHB or PTA area that can assist?
  4. If it was your bike, would you insist on a new seat post? I am willing to let the shop try to repair it but then it must not be noticeable. If you can see that it was repaired I feel it must be replaced. Am I unreasonable?
  5. Will it be an issue with the extra sealant in the rim?
  6. Unfortunately not as I am holiday but another well known brand
  7. I took my Specialized road bike to get the hydraulic brake cables fitted through my handlebars and to get a nippel replaced on my tubeless front wheel. Got the bike back to discovered that shop chipped the carbon seatpost, rear brake is squeaking and sealant coming out of the spoke holes. They came to collect and fixed their mistake on the rear brake and front wheel. Bike was delivered with back with problems fixed except for seat post as he is waiting for a unit I got use while mine is repaired. Brakes still squeaking and front wheel still leaking sealant. They remove my very expensive tubeless valve and put a cheaper brand in as apparently this was the cause. They did refund me for the worked done on the wheel but waiting for them to bring my valve back. I feel they must replace my seat post they chipped because the bike is 6 months old and doubt they will get it fixed with out being noticed.
  8. Looking for Accommodation for Magalies Sleepy River Classic. Close to the venue not camping and if possible a tar road to the start line.
  9. Tried cell phone, Chrome and IE both doing the same. Interesting is that on other add I can send but only this one add is affected. Strange
  10. Nope and after I have archieved my chats they keep popping up after a minute or 2 after the page is refreshed
  11. Is it just me but I am unable to send messages to other hubbers. If click on the message tab I get routed to show all my chats. Can't delete or send/type new messages or chats.
  12. I had lenses cut to fit my Adidas Evil Eye pro and Rudy Project glasses. My optometrist used a non approved company to cut the lense to replace the original at half the price of what a approved dealer would charge. 4 years in with my RP glasses and no problems.
  13. Diagnose with osteoporosis in my knees. Tried several different shoes but struggling to do R3k. I am open to offers on the shoes
  14. Do you know where can I advertise to sell running shoes? I finally accepted that my knees are shot. Shoes are Hoka Arahi 4 with less than 15km done.
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