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  1. As far as I know the reason why Permtubes aren’t used other than the thing already mentioned is because they get flat spots or soft spots (whatever you want to call it) and that can get really annoying.
  2. Silverback with out a doubt...
  3. Very Interesting I just wish I knew this 2 months ago.... I was cought out by a Scammster and I lost a 32" LCD TV. It all look legit but some how I got screwed...
  4. Dingo Cycles Potchefstroom, They don't always have what I want in stock but they are always willing to order it and I have it in a day or two. As for the service and knowledge on Products they are great, always get good advice. I only do business with them
  5. what I don't understand is the same people that don't want us on the road buy their kids bicycles for Christmas or birthdays and were do these kids ride, on the road. I cant see how we are a problem for them just drive around us it not rocket science, most of the time we ride in the yellow lane anyway......
  6. I am interested, can I possible colect at the end of the month or arrange for it to be collected from you? Can you PM me your address?
  7. @dchampion: were did you get the pic? I am looking for the pics on the web but can't find them any were...
  8. I have just entered, looks like it is going to be a great race. @Tim, will the 40km also be going through the cave or not?
  9. I will be in batch C for the 56km. I will be doing the race on a dual. Just a question it is fine if I pump the back wheel harder (3 bar) will this be an issue on the corrugation section even though I have a Dual suspension? Is it a good idea to ride the 38km race on Saturday as well, I have not had much time to train the last few weeks?
  10. I road this race but I only did the 30km, these guys pasted me twice and when they did it looked like I was standing still...lol it was a good race and very fun.
  11. If you can't/don't want to buy second hand then maybe have a look at the Silverback Range. you can pick up a Silverback Alpine for R3500 and it is very well speced for its price. Just a thought....
  12. I understand that I have to do very good in a race to be considered, that is obvious. every race I have ridden I have gotten better and better and i normally end in the front half but these are the "not important" races so they don't mean much I have started doing the bigger races like the Down and Dirty and so on but the problem is that there are so many that I want to do but my budget will not allow it. So I can't get better results if I can't enter....
  13. the only problem is in Potchefstroom we don't have clubs like that.
  14. Hi All I have a question, I want to ride more competitively but I can't afford all the races so how does one go about getting a sponsor to sponsor the entry fees and so on? I have a great bike, it is not the best but it is perfect for me so I don't need them to sponsor me a bike or any big thing I just need the entry fee. Do you think it is possible to get a sponsor like this, what will I need to do to get one or how do I go about this? Thanks in advance
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