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  1. oh, mine really is!!its such a beaut. Have a look at the GT's, they are the only ones that have kept their frame design since the first frame ever built! that ''triangle truss'' design near the seatpost has been round forever, GT has never changed it, even on their carbon framed bikes!!!! dont believe me? go have a look...
  2. Try Cyclopro just off William moffat expressway.. their service, advice, quality of work and products are above standard and can always rely on the advice from the owner, Rob Rudman ( Ex- SA mtb champ back in his day). i have never been to another cycle shop for the past 2 years. they also cater for all kinds of cyclists from mtb, tri, road, bmx and track... pop around you will be impressed not only by high quality repairs but also by friendly staff that go out of your way to make us riders happy!
  3. my training program: monday: rest tuesday: rest wednesday:rest thursday: rest friday: possibly ride but mostly rest saturday: ride! sunday: maybe ride.. best one ever!
  4. train really hard! get on the first podium for all his races then he will get approached. just like what i did and got a sponsor!
  5. ive also seen him at Hobie beach on the pier all the way there and turns and comes back... totally effortless by the looks of things
  6. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! good one
  7. agreed hardly ever use my granny!
  8. does it not feel like it cross-chains alot? when the chain bends too much and touches he front derailer or when you are on the big at the back and at the front..
  9. ja! i also feel the 3X10 "repeats" some gears and i would like to try something different!
  10. if only i had the money...
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