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  1. I was travelling in my car so had no problem catching up to the van.
  2. A grey Mercedes van with registration number (we have the registration details) was driving erratically along the coastal road and when passing the cyclist, it veered into him even though he was riding in the large verge area inside the yellow line and well off the road lane. The cyclist was knocked off his bike and went head over heels and the Mercedes van carried on driving without stopping. I followed the van to get the registration number. I the returned to the scene of the accident and helped the downed rider who was taken to hospital by another motorist. The cyclist is current waiting to have e-rays at a hospital. There are a number of witnesses and we are committed to tracing the driver of this vehicle and bringing him/her to book. There were loads of people and cyclists who stopped to help which was wonderful to see. The cyclist is training for his 38th CTCT (Argus) and is very concerned that he won't be able to ride. Let's hope it's nothing serious and he is back on his bike soon.
  3. Yes, I also only received one blank board. No holes. What are we supposed to do with it?
  4. Very excited. I have just entered in the Tandem category with my grandson. How cool is that?
  5. I have been riding with SRAM gripshifts since 2013 and I won't change. I recently upgraded to GX and stayed with the gripshifts. Love them!
  6. This was my 5th Houw Hoek Tour and probably the best ever. Very nice new ST introduced on day 1 with the 1st section 7 kms from the start. Great value for money and a lovely vibe. Well organised. Well done to Johan and team!
  7. Thanks. That's a great idea. will do so now and let Johan and Karin know they should do the same.
  8. Okay, I have created a Whatsapp group called TM MTB riders and I have added Johan so far. I tend to ride in mornings from around 7:30 onwards and mostly ride to UCT via Constantia nek, Cecilia forest, Newlands and sometimes the greenbelt through Constantia. I also ride up to Noordhoek Peak via Chappies, ou wa Pad, and Silvermine fairly often but usually on the weekend so I can come back home via Tokia trails and the Greenbelt to Constantia Nek. I try to do a loop around the mountain once a week which means I carry on riding from UCT up Plumb Pudding and back along one of the routes below Table Mountain. But I am flexible and more than happy to arrange different rides (and times) depending on the interest. If you are keen to join me on any of these rides then send me your mobile number (PM me) and I will add you to the group. Steve
  9. Haha, passing the buck. Yes, I will set up a Whatsapp group so send me a PM with your cell number and location so that I can get an idea where everyone lives. I am doing Ride2Nowehere next week so will schedule first ride for the week after.
  10. Hi, I live in Hout bay and ride Tablemountain and Cecilia, Kirstenbosh, Newlands and UCT a couple of times a week. I am retired so can ride anytime. Always looking for company. PM me please if you are looking for company.
  11. I upgraded from an 810 to the 820 in Feb this year because I wanted a new screen and Garmin suggested I upgrade and gave me a good deal on the upgrade. My unit froze on me on four occasions (including the 1st day of Joberg2C) and I had to get a dealer to reinstall my software each time which was a major pain in the *&@. I eventually contacted Garmin in Jhb and they asked me to send up the unit so they could check it out but I upgraded to the latest SW version (8.00) and my unit has been stable ever since. Only one change that I made is that I have not enabled WiFI connectivity so this might be the cause (not sure). I use BT to upload my rides via Garmin Connect and this works fine. I have also noticed that the touch screen works a lot better with the latest version so obviously a lot of bugs have been sorted. Wish I had kept my 810 though.....
  12. Anyone looking for a partner for the Ride? I am strong Masters category rider but more than happy to have chilled ride.
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