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  1. RIP cyclist, condolences to the family. Just received the pics and does not look good. It was a Red Merida.
  2. Stolen: Specialized Tarmac 2015 When: 9 May 2015 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Hi All A friend of mine's bike got stolen from his home this morning. Dont have much detail around how they got into the house. Place of residence, 4th avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town PS. The pic of the bike is a bit outdated, took the pic when he went shopping around for a bike. If anybody has seen the bike or you are approached, please make contact with Ashraf. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  3. So, I read this thread on Friday and attempted a 3km run yesterday... I AM BROKEN! However, I know it will make me stronger... here is to the next 3km... or let's make it 5.
  4. You will enter Strand Street, then right into Adderley and left into Hand Strijdom into Helen Suzman into Green Point
  5. I say for every kilometer we ride on Sunday, we attach a monetary fund and donate to those affected!
  6. 12 min in counting... The first hubber that replies gets 2 medals on Sunday
  7. They only meeting at 18:30, so how long after that will they come to a decision
  8. and looking outside the office, these guys are very busy with the start line scaffolding.... Question: What about the stands at the expo? Are they not suppose to be preparing today already? Is that happening?
  9. Friend of mine just went through Noordhoek and the following signage was erected: Cycle Tour City/Noordhoek (via Ou Kaapse Weg) 06h45 15h30 Sun 8 March So i take it it is OKW M3 to finish...
  10. APPEAL TO ALL CYCLISTS: I know we have all trained very hard for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. I say just cancel the Tour, too much has been lost and out of respect for those trying to re-organise their lives I think it is only respectful to do so. How do I ride through the tarnish on Sunday trying to enjoy myself knowing that many lives have been affected, not forgetting the amount of animal life lost. I say keep the entry fee and use it to restore what has been lost... ‪#‎CapeTownisburning Share, Tag, Tweet, Whatsapp.... get the message out there.
  11. Hi All I am looking at changing my stem and was asked by LBS what the angle is. I have a 75mm Specialized stem and for the life of me cannot find the angle on the stem. The only thing I find is the torque settings. Where can i find the angle of the stem? Kind Regards
  12. Friend just drove past he scene and sent me a pic, the cyclist has passed on... may he RIP
  13. Sorry, to clear things up... I gave him the opportunity to make things right, i.e. take responsibility for the damages. Yes, I am insured but I did not want to go that route because he has a PDP licence. If there is a violation against your name, your PDP licence will be suspended. What upsets me was the fact that when I called him later in the day, he was rude and obnoxious. He said I dont belong on the road etc etc... My concern is not around the damages, more than often we have been hearing about incidents where vehicles dont consider cyclist. If I were to let this slide, he can do the same to another fellow cyclist.
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