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  1. According to Google translate of the original article - "AT 18.00. The boy was transported by ambulance to the hospital of Rimini. His condition is desperate. But at the time no medical bulletin speaks of death." Any other updates from elsewhere?
  2. It seems the scammers are among us, stealing our classified images and reposting at too good to be true prices on OLX! Confirmed by the original ad poster on Bikehub that he did not put up the posting on OLX and it is indeed a scam!... Original: https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/194188-surly-cross-check-cyclocross-bike/ Scam: https://www.olx.co.za/ad/surly-cross-check-cyclocross-bike-ID15SVWg.html#82f0f0ecc6 (Screenshot added!)
  3. I use a pvc tape that i get from Waltons stationary... about R30 for a big roll, and avail in different widths. Looks like insulation tape, but doesn't stretch nearly as much. 2 layers and has yet to let me down in about 3 years!
  4. Spotted these the other day from Rapide - nice affordable option at R19!!!! http://www.rapide.co.za/product/rapide-tapered-steerer-adaptor/ Everyone been so excited about their 11sp shifter adapter, no one has noticed these!
  5. Carbon Sole MTB shoes? - Any Suplest available in Size 46
  6. http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/oakley-radar-ev-path-9208-09
  7. http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/oakley-radar-ev-path-9208-09
  8. I'm aware of this, but since they do not even bother to reply to PM's or emails (I got an initial response from someone saying they can help, then silence!), whats the point of threatening CPA... I would much rather spend a bit more and support the brands that actually are interested in their clients!
  9. ASG - poor form to say special available til 18th, and not have stock to back it! Guess I will rather support other brands then!
  10. Sent you a pm yesterday?
  11. This may be exactly what u looking for?... http://www.olx.co.za/ad/mongoose-ecx-jump-bike-bicycle-ID15Jqi7.html#2c6640e1a9
  12. I'm in the same boat - ordered Friday, and still no tracking number even, despite a number of emails (with absolutely no response) and a promise 3 days ago that the order is busy being packed and would be shipped within a day! And now no response to my phonecall query this morning again - just an empty promise thus far to get back to me! CWC - where did your great service disappear to?????
  13. There was a mumble the other day that Dimension Data could possibly cover the bills to move up!
  14. Dammit Ryan... you really are making me want to throw one of those frames in the next order!!!!
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