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  1. I think you will find that people will disagree with you on that statement. Howick is fun for sure, but better than Karkloof I think not
  2. Pretty much the same response I got from them in May 2018 when enquiring about the 2018 stock. So clearly F all has changed in the last 7 months. Real sad that such an awesome brand is dropping the ball so badly
  3. Great bikes But agreed their stock and service has disappeared. I tried to buy a 29r Capra Pro Race last year, they had no stock, no idea of stock or any plans to get some in. Unfortunately you go and buy something else
  4. I've had a short ride on the Spez, and considered the new Levo, but in reality the pricing is very steep for the spec. I do like the fit and finish of the Spez, but being tall (XL frame) I think the Giant is a better fit over the older model Levo. I recently rode a Trek with the Bosch motor and can say the Yamaha in the Giant is much smoother and maybe even more powerful, the Bosch is way more on/off. But in fairness that was a 2018 spec, I also rode a 2018 spec Giant and the improvement to the 2019 motor/electronics is noticeable, so a new Bosch motor could certainly be an improvement as was the Yamaha. Battery life is ok, in a normal mixed ride at home (Karkloof) I will use about 50% battery in 30/35km using the lower 3 power modes, that's a fair bit of climbing (600/700m ascent) and loads of singletrack. I reckon at a steady cadence on a predominantly flat ride you could stretch out towards the 100km mark. The handling on mine is monster, long travel, good suspension and the weight make it GO when it points downwards and I'm really enjoying it, I do keep clipping trees with the 800mm bars though . Its not as nimble as a "normal" Enduro bike, but it carries the momentum and I'm starting to trust the speed . I can happily ride all the stages we used for SA Enduro Champs in 2018, so its more than capable The biggest letdown with mine has been the brakes, its comes specced with SRAM Code R's and they are very average. I just don't bond with the feeling and warbling, HOPE V4s are on order and will sort that out. Overall though its a real laugh and I'm enjoying riding all my local trails on it.
  5. Do what I did, buy the SX 160mm bike from overseas and bring it in yourself.
  6. Geez, I couldn't agree more the ship has well and truly sunk on this one, yet they just keep on going further and further down. I'm literally cringing when reading the shop's responses, PR and customer service is seriously lacking and the touch of arrogance at the end there For your own business sake just stop posting/responding, you are doing some serious damage to your reputation
  7. I never stated it was an OMNICO issue, what I did state is that from personal experience if you waiting for them to assist you should rather give up and move on with your life. Could very well be setup, could be damage, could be the phases of the moon, but hoping that they are going to make it better for you is wasting your time
  8. Welcome to OMNICO, don't expect any joy with them whatsoever. If the bikeshop isn't going to help you out, just pay and move on, Put it down to school fees around what brands to buy in SA
  9. I unfortunately have made it twice. The first time things were a bit slow, so I thought you never know the reasons. This time however, in stock wasn't in stock and took over 2 weeks to source and send. Then it was supposedly sent express to make up for the delay, well that was like 2 weeks ago and they state 5 business days. FAIL Good prices for sure, but service lacking
  10. So I've had my bike for around a month now, and with this forum that just keeps on giving I thought I would give some real world feedback. To start off with I am in no way disabled (wife disagrees ), old or too unfit. I've done loads of marathons/stage races and in more recent years have been enjoying Enduro/DH, whilst also doing the Megavalanche twice. So would class myself as a reasonably capable rider. My home trails are Karkloof and I pretty much spend all my free time there. Why did I buy an ebike? In short cos I wanted to, I had a few short rides on other models and they are a laugh. Do I regret it? Not in the slightest, I am having great fun on it. Plus Side: The obvious I can climb faster, but beyond that its more the mentality that I am happy to ride any trail heading in any direction now because you aren't concerned about the way back or where you may land up. The weight helps the bike stay more planted, some may find this an issue if they after poppy/playful bikes, but for me I've never been great in the air so the better stability is pleasant. Down Side: Lifting that sucker off the back of the bakkie Remembering to charge it before the weekend I've done a few rides on my own and you certainly can cover some distance when going for it, but you can ride it at a normal pace too. I regularly ride with a group of mates and I just leave it in the lowest power mode and it's cool. Except for the really steep hills when I land up towing 2 of them As for racing, We did the team Enduro at Giba a few weekends back and there are no issues, other than you can obviously climb up the really steep liasons where guys are walking, but in stage at racing speeds the bike is not really faster, you are often above 25km/h so its not powering up. For sure you get chirped etc, but after a few big hills that quickly changed to can I have a turn. Most people I have come across are far more interested in what it is, how it works, can they try it as opposed to outright hate. Ebike or no ebike, most of the *** out on the trails is around EGO and attitude towards others. If you are polite and not shouting at everyone who's in the way of your Strava attempt then generally no one give a ...... about what bike you are on.
  11. Unboxed last night with a short spin around the block. Colours are awesome in the metal, pics kind of wash it out.
  12. This thread truly never stops giving. As for me, my new Ebike got delivered by the couriers this morning, so I'm going home ASAP to build it up and go for a spin. I've had loads of different bikes over the years and can tell you this, I'm super excited about getting this one.
  13. There was one of those at Shova this year. That is easily distinguishable as an ebike. Look at the new Orbea Gain...ebike indeed
  14. Guys don't give up now. This thread is some of the best most childish banter there is on the Hub
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