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  1. Could it be to prevent the axle from undoing during pedaling? No idea honestly
  2. To be fair to the seller of the Levo, it does cost a completely insane 223K new. But I think if you pay that much for a bike you'd better make sure you're going to keep it for a while because you're going to have a VERY hard time selling it anywhere near that original price on the secondhand market. Perhaps the scarcity that he speaks of is enough to persuade that one extremely deep-pocketed individual.
  3. He has a responsibility to share this information. Repaired carbon is a big deal and even if done well some people will still not want to own it. Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and send him a message about it. If the ad is not updated please share it here...maybe there are interested buyers reading this thread who deserves to know
  4. Specialized can do no right in the eyes of the haters on here. Even the support they offer in a time of crisis is despicable Come on guys....let it go just this once will you
  5. Exactly yes! They make less sense in the XC world for the normal bloke but a lot of sense in the Enduro/DH space
  6. This is why: https://youtu.be/jl4E9yMHpro I didn’t think I want one until I rode one. If you’re into mtb’ing for the downhills them this is a game changer.
  7. New year but no closer to being able to purchase a YT bike in SA it seems. Last year I gave up trying to get my hands on the new Jeffsy and this year I was very keen on the Decoy. This article gave me hope that it may well be possible: https://bikenetwork.co.za/top-10-2021-emtbs/ Unfortunately Black Sheep Bikes came back to me yesterday saying that YT cannot provide an eta on when they will start shipping to SA. Frustrating for both us and Black Sheep for sure. I guess we'll just have to keep being patient or ride other bikes for now...meh bummer
  8. I hear and actually have to agree with you on the ad you pointed out. I had to pull my ad since I misunderstood Yonda’s finance of second hand bikes. It’s only through dealers and not personal sales. I was in a rush to land a deal and did not do my homework properly before placing my ad. So between this misguided rant and that premature ad I’ve been doing a lot of apologising here on the hub. Maybe I just need to be patient, save and avoid debt.
  9. Yup, I feel like a royal &$@ about that one. Apologies everyone
  10. ​Love what they offer: https://www.blackbeardsden.com/
  11. I'll look into the auto-pause suggestion since we do take a break after climbing and before descending
  12. Morning peeps, just curious if there are others who also find the apple watch (gen 2 in my case) GPS very inaccurate and inconsistent when the speed picks up? Below are 4 runs up/down Afterburner (Banhoek). Going up things are fine and tracking nicely but the minute we go down it's all over the show. The blue line is my mate's ride (using a Garmin Fenix 3) and it tracks the trail perfectly and consistently every time. The green is mine and it was so inaccurate that strava did not even pick those segments up at all. I've tried apple's suggestion of ensuring calibration is turned on etc. Is anyone using an apple watch which tracks very accurately compared to other sports watches or do I just accept that apple is not as good as other on this front? Currently I'm just telling myself that I'm simply too fast for it
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