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  1. forkie

    Ciao ciao

    agreed - look after yourself
  2. forkie


    yoh. FP1... 1 second separating top 17 riders and Rins broke his arm falling off his bicycle.
  3. 😂Pielkoppe. I remember them from my old rally days...
  4. forkie


    i just read that Marc's contact with BB caused BBs airbag to deploy, slowing him down for the next 5 laps or so...
  5. forkie


    at least he stayed upright
  6. forkie


    if he was human i would agree.....
  7. forkie


    I wouldnt bet against it
  8. i am really sorry, guys, but it heard this on the weekend and it made me think of this thread...
  9. forkie

    Who remembers?

    how about this one?
  10. forkie


    isnt next weekend on the same track? ja i miss Dovi. would love him to be on the aprillia
  11. forkie


    jeez i hope KTM can sort their issues out those Ducatis are just frightening. they obviously switched their mapping back to mapping1 at the end of the last lap and just obliterated that poor Suzuki arent those Aprilias just beautiful? i think i may be watching more moto3 this year, that race was crazy.
  12. i sit on the board of a small private school that caters solely for kids with barriers to learning by making use of smaller classes and remedial therapists etc. they had a100% matric pass rate last year. it is really amazing to see what they can achieve given the right surroundings.
  13. i wonder if they tried to revive him with a pencil
  14. me and my mates got "arrested" for lifting on our 50's. For you younger folk, we had 50cc motorcycles in the 80's and it was against the law to lift somebody on them. We were caught on Friday night and made to sit in the cop shop for a couple of hours. luckily they did not have breathalyzers in those days....
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