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  1. Hi watch Fundis Looking for a bit of help identifying and valuing this watch. The most I can find is that it is manufactured between 1903 and 1906. It is not a pocket watch but the back cover opens in that fashion to expose the mechanism. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks D
  2. DPG

    Who remembers?

    And right behind Bimbos was Warriors Arms! Many drunken nights there
  3. To Answer all the questions in one thread is easier. I am allergic to alcohol due to a medical condition having been in and out of hospital for 2 years and eventually having an op 15 years ago.Lots of experimentation done and I know exactly what % of alcohol content I can handle. Non Alcoholic beers generally still have small alcoholic content in them, between 0.5 and 0.8% by volume. Anything below 1% Alcohol volume is considered Non Alcoholic. And much to my delight, it also doesn't affect me. There are a few available in South Africa that are decent, but a lot that are just crap. Stay away from any from Woolworths or Bavaria brau! Clausthaler is available in most Spars and bottle stores, It has the Lemon and original. Both Ok! My current favourite is Erdinger. Closest I have ever tasted to a decent barley brew. Becks is the most freely available in South Africa but tends to be a bit bland. There was a Craft Beer launched last year by Brewers and Union called "Der Graf van Bavaria" was/is awesome but limited demand in South Africa means few people import it. The best I ever tasted and still import every now and then is Holsten Non Alcoholic. But then again these are just my opinions and having not tasted a proper beer in 15 years my taste might be a little out!
  4. Thanks GoG, That is the reason I was reluctant to spend so much money in importing it. As far as boiling it is concerned, been down that road before, 2 downfalls, 1, As mentioned, it absolutely destroys the wine, my mates said it tasted burnt. But the biggest problem is that even boiling it not all the alcohol evaporates, the alcohol is reduced to about 1.5%, which is still too much content for me! Guess I will still have to keep looking for a solution
  5. Hi GoG, You are absolutely right! There are non alcoholic wines which are just like grape juice, then there is Ariel and one other that use a process of spinning where they actually remove the alcohol from wine made in the traditional process. Even though it wouldn't taste the same as a full bodied red Im hoping it tastes more like a red wine than just a juice! Is it freely available near where you are? If so, If I send you 10 dollars could you get a bottle and taste it and see how close or far it is? I'm just reluctant to order a case at 100dollars and it gets here and I may as well have bought a case of Monis grape juice!
  6. Without getting flamed, anyone here tried de-alcoholised wines? Am allergic to alcohol but miss having a bottle. Have looked at importing from Australia or America but a very expensive risk if it arrives and tastes like grape juice.
  7. DPG

    Who remembers?

    Unfortunately Not! It was the previous model. The 1976 edition with the sloped boot. 1300L edition
  8. DPG

    Who remembers?

    Yup, Was still in the army, so even though it was illegal to leave the country made the trek to ZIm in my bright Orange Ford Escort! Awesome couple of days. Springsteen, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel etc etc! Still have a VHS tape of the concert. Biko by Gabriel has been played to death. Went to Swaziland shortly after that to see Clapton. What we had to do to see artists in those days! Push your memory back further, Queen The Works tour at Sun City! That's what started me on Live Concerts
  9. DPG


    I have Tats on my leg, shoulder, chest and script on my forearms, I work in a corporate environment and am face to face with customers daily. Being corporate I wear long sleeves everyday and no one even knows I have them. When chilling at the office, no-one really cares!
  10. Anyone tried "Designated Survivor" on Netflix? Thoroughly enjoying it, mixture of 24 and West Wing!
  11. In our Thoughts Tumbles and family! Strength in these tough time!
  12. Hi Guys, Getting a bit bored with the normal Hout Bay road so want to cycle the road from Gordons bay to Kleinmond Via Rooi Els, Pringle Bay. How safe is this road?
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