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  1. Great advise!!! If you would like to change, go 1 x 11!! Not that expensive and you would have some money left to add to that wheel set
  2. Same here, thought i treat my bike and now sitting with a dull looking fork (Fox)
  3. Exactly what i was talking about!!
  4. I used that on my bikes before, without any discoloration, but thought i getting smart and bought bike wash
  5. I don't know if this was already discussed previously, but I would really appreciate your input. To be very honest, i got a bit lazy and bought some "bike Wash" thinking that it would safe some of my time. Well, it did and worked absolute great, BUT i now notice that most of my black parts (Front Shock) got this really dull look on it that i really don't like it at all. So, i presume that i can polish it up to get it all shiny again, but does all bike soaps do or just certain bike soaps.
  6. i thought of that as well and moved my feet around while peddling, still there!
  7. I have a 2015 Anthem Advance that got a irritating squeaking sound. It is only when you pedal and only when your right foot is close to the bottom while pedaling. Only that specific spot, does not matter how easy or hard you pedal, you can year this squeak sound. When standing on the pedals and bounce with my weight on the bike, there is no sound at all. That made me think that the suspension bearings is still alright. I checked the following knowing that sound travel quite a bit trough the frame: Seat PostHeadset bearingsLoosen Stem and slightly grease itLoosen Seat and slightly grease itCheck all the skewer's front and back, slightly crease them as well The only thing really left is the Bottom Bracket. I did however took the Crank off and the bearing was still 100%. Did anybody experienced something similar and could maybe give advise where to look.
  8. Another question..... Do you require spacers on the chainring when converting from 2x10 to 1x11. XT crank.
  9. Will a 50 work with a original 1 x 11 derailleur?
  10. KZN South Coast......Think Joburg is more flat than here
  11. Yes, my apologies. Actually it is for two bikes. 29er and then my wife 27.5. Currently they have exactly the same group set on.
  12. I like the Sunrace 11 - 50 idea, but unfortunately i am looking at an upgrade kit that comes with an 11-42. Maybe when replacing the cassette, i can change over to a bigger one at the back.
  13. I don't know if it was discussed before, but if it was, my apologies and if not, your advise would be really appreciated. I currently have 2 x 10 (Front Chain Rings 38T and 24T) and Cluster (11 - 36) on my Mountain Bike. I am considering upgrade it to 1 x 11 (11 - 46). I would prefer to have the same ratio of gears as the 2 x 10, but in a 1 x 11. What would be ideal chain ring 32T or 34T. Then secondly.....Oval Chain Rings? Is there any advantage in them or not?
  14. I have an Garmin 820 and a Fenix 5. Is there a way that these two devises can pick up the same activity and prevent it from duplicating on Garmin Connect and Stava.
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