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  1. So I've been wondering if you could buy your dream SA built bike, but being realistic in terms of price.... Titan Racing Pyga Signal Momsen Silverback - Thanks for the suggestions Mecer - Thanks for the suggestions What would it be? Mine would be the PYGA Stage Max GX set. Which has a great all round setup, great 130mm for a good pop, it allows for relative "easy" climbs, great session down the trails and can also be used in some marathon events even. Would be really interested to hear what other hubbers think or WISH. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, our new website and marketing is in the works but here are some sneak previews of SOME of our new 2019 models. our dealers will be getting updated arrival and pricing within the next 2 weeks. please see our website for a list of dealers in your area. as those of you who have joined our newsletter will already know , we are expanding our GRAVEL range from 2 models to 4 ... we are also bringing back a CARBON 29er hardtail option ... Models shown: 2019 GP500 2019 SL729
  3. Hi Guys, It's time to upgrade my MTB. Looking at getting a Full Sus 29'er and have a budget of around 30k. I mostly do XC and Marathon style riding. Hoping to do some stage races like Wines2Whales and Sani. Was keen on the Specialized Epic Comp (Aluminium Frame) which was on special for R30k but unfortunately they all sold out before I could get my hands on one... So need some advice relating to other brands and options. What advice do you guys have in terms of 1. Going second hand? Heard some scary stories about expensive repairs to the shocks... 2. Specialized. Would love to get an Epic. But not sure about the Brain and the 150hr services I'll need to send it away for. Any experience with this? ....Kinda wanna just get one anyway 3. Momsen? I've seen some pretty good deals on their bikes. But their frame guarantee is only for 3 years? Anyone have any experience with their VIPA RACE ONE? Seriously considering getting this one since I'm not so sure an Epic at around 30k is realistic. Thanks in advance guys. Will appreciate any insight or experience!
  4. Hi Guys, just some pics we took at the race registration last week --- so awesome to see the amount of VIPA's ( some old, some new ) on the startline. well done to all the riders -- each and every one of you are LEGENDS!!!! interesting to note how the bike setups have evolved over the past 3 years in terms of setup / bags / cockpit etc. please feel free to add to this thread if you rode the event or even just have a VIPA . we love seeing our bikes being put to good use like this!!!
  5. Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my hardtail, just not sure what I could ask to sell my Momsen AL029 2018. Less than 300km on the road, still brand new and serviced
  6. Arguably our biggest bike project to date --- the new VIPA ULTRA will be hitting the local trails shortly. Following it's debut at the 2018 CAPE EPIC, the new bike has seen 6 months of added refinement ( on top of the 18 months of design and development ) as well as extensive riding and testing in South Africa. Rider feedback and real-world feedback have resulted in various refinements and tweaks to those first bikes debuted in March. The new and final frames are expected next month ( August 2018 ). We will be launching a dedicated website and portal for all things ULTRA.
  7. https://bikerumor.com/2018/11/19/momsen-builds-a-special-bike-for-munga-full-suspension-drop-bar-vipa-ultra/ Anyone who has been on the bike through the 90's would immediatelly appreciate the throwback, especially if you knew the man that designed it's own long standing appreciation for the influence a certain Mr. Johnny T had on our sport. My opinion is that this bike is the best of everything you could need for something like the Munga. Dual sus. Aero features. LITRES of drink storage and tons of onboard storage as well. Planned by Victor Momsen and assembled by Robbie Powell and his team who is a legend in his own right. Sho... This bike gives me... feelings. Unsure how something so modern can unearth that "old school" feeling as well at the same time. http://thebodymechanic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/MTB3.jpg
  8. Thought I'd share how I fit a Specialized SWAT kit on my Momsen Vipa. I wasn't too keen on the Momsen Integrate Toptube Box so decided to rather try out the Spec SWAT kit. Only managed to secure the SWAT box bolt and the middle slot of the bottle cage. The assembly is quite solid with just the two bolts keeping in down. Can fit a normal CAMELBAK bottle or any other normal size bottle easily in die diagonal cage. Bottle cage in upright position has got the SWAT mini tool at the bottom which fits perfectly in that space. Next up will be to fit the headset chainbreaker tool.
  9. I haven't seen a thread for Momsen bikes. So lets see them! I'll start with mine.
  10. I have been toying with the idea of switching to a dual suspension bike for some time and when Iwan Kemp, aka The Crow, offered me his Momsen VIPA for a test ride I jumped at the opportunity. Touted as a “Super Bike” the Momsen VIPA is purpose built for cross country and marathon riding, though this particular one had a few twists in its tail. Click here to view the article
  11. Planned as a 2016 Model, the VIPA Trail has been in development for several months and a couple of running prototypes have started to hit our trails for feedback and further design improvements. Click here to view the article
  12. To those interested the momsen 650b frames are in stock now R10750...birthday wishlist http://www.momsenbikes.com/images/frames/sl650b_single_frame_web.jpg
  13. In 2017, we're introducing the Bike Hub long-term test fleet. We'll be putting these bikes through their paces as we would our own bikes for an entire year, documenting the highs and lows along the way to give a more thorough and practical review of the bikes. The first bike to arrive is the Momsen VIPA TWO. The delivery caused a ripple of excitement in the office. Workstations were deserted as we unboxed: ooohing, aaahing, analysing the extent of the “yellow”, weighing components, and generally ogling this shiny new race weapon. Click here to view the article
  14. When shopping for a budget mountain bike, it’s usually just a straightforward case of specification comparison to determine which bike offers better components for the price. The Momsen AL229 looks to set itself apart, not only in terms of components, but also with its LSG (long, slack geometry) frame design. Click here to view the article
  15. First Look Friday is an introduction to the gear that we are currently testing for review. This week we've got the Momsen AL229; the Astute Italia Skycarb VT Saddle; and a selection of Specialized road tyres. Click here to view the article
  16. Dear Fellow MTB Cyclists! I have narrowed down my choice of MTB Hardtail (29 inch): 1. Momsen AL 329 - R12k 2. Rocky Mountain 940 Trailhead - R10k Considering that I am not a racer, but rather a casual rider who likes to do +- 30km to 40km on weekends, mostly on easy routes (dirt roads, footpaths - ie not too technical) I would like to know which of these is more comfortable to ride ? They both have similar components but the Momsen has a slightly different (more relaxed) geometry. What do you think ? Regards Mark
  17. First Look Friday is an introduction to the gear that we are currently testing for review. This week we've taken delivery of a Titan Sonic Pro dual suspension bike, Crankbrothers's Highline dropper seatpost, Momsen's new All-Rise carbon handlebar, and a Camelbak Kudu backpack. Click here to view the article
  18. At their recent dealer launch event, we spotted the latest iteration of the Momsen VIPA Trail. Scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2016, the Trail version will provide a longer travel option to the VIPA lineup with a "mild" and a "wild" build option. Click here to view the article
  19. Which Bike is a good buy for my Daugter that is Turning 8 in August. Was looking at the Momsen JR20. Looks like decent bike and does not seem to heavy. Also seen there is Titan , Avalanche etc. Any advice would be appreciated as well as best place to buy from. I am in Hillcrest, KZN
  20. Any advice welcome. I am in the market for a new bike. My options at this stage is the Rocky Mountain Element 910 RSL, the Momsen Vipa XT, the Scott Spark 910, Specialized Camber Comp Carbon 29. I am leaning towards the Rocky Mountain, so need convincing why NOT to buy it, or why I SHOULD. I am in Centurion, so it would be beneficial to have a shop close to me and also one who gives good after sales service. Thanks
  21. I've been riding a momsen for over 5 years now. After riding a couple of other brands before I think Momsen is an amazing brand! Very responsive frame builds and amazing performance. I,ve been using the SL 729 carbon frame and build it up to just under 10kg. What a bike! Being so happy with my bike I decided to save up and replace my hardtail frame with the new Vipa 2016 team frame. This is my first dual sus frame and being very excited I called Momsen early in Jan to order my new frame! Guess my huge dissapointment when they told me they only sell the bike as a whole and you can't purchuse the frame only!?! Now this can only be my lack of knowledge but thats rediculous right? They turning away a happy supportive customer and super fan. Now sitting with the question do I buy another brand which I do not really want to but Momsen is forcing me to go that route. Really dissapointed and dont know what to do?
  22. Another help me choose my first MTB thread... I've been looking at different bikes for a few weeks now and went into a nearby bike shop on Saturday where they showed me the AL651, looks like a great bike but with me being completely new to the sport and having no clue about the different components I'm still not sure if it's the absolute best *new* bike I can get for the money. The shop is offering what appears to be a good price of about R6000 for the bike. Other bikes I've been looking at are: Momsen AL126 Silverback Slade 3 Silverback Spectra 1/2 And a few Meridas in the R5k-R9k price bracket So I'm willing to pay a bit more if it means getting a much better bike but if this is the best at the price then why spend more? Any help is greatly appreciated
  23. I know this is can be one of those annoying threads, but as its almost impossible to test these bikes out in the real world, I just wanted to get another person's opinion (real world or not). Both go for roughly the same price. The Vipa is a full XTR bike (XTR9000) while the Scalpel is X01. As a matter of personal preference, I prefer SRAM but I have read rave reviews of the new XTR. I really, really like the look of the Lefty, but have never ridden one, so I cannot tell whether it will perform better than the Fox that comes on the Momsen. The Lefty 2.0 is included on the Scalpel. For reference I currently ride a 9kg Orbea hardtail. So I will be coming from a very stiff, responsive frame.
  24. We’ve had a Momsen VIPA AC in the office for a little while now. Since my own carbon VIPA XT has been sitting in pieces pending a rebuild it was a perfect time to put in some testing. Click here to view the article
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