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  1. Hi All, Any advice on a decent spec'd road bike with a budget of R 15,000 Thanks
  2. Hi, I would enter now. At least you have the opportunity this year to do so because next year (2020 Comrades) you will have to qualify FIRST before entering. Entires are selling out fast and should be sold out by the end of this week. You can always sub out if you not up for it.
  3. I would structure the 2019 race in this manner: * Marathon Qualifying time - 4Hr40mins (Makes it more challenging to qualify - ''gives the race more prestige'' and keep the tail enders honest). Less medical incidents before cutoff as people are forced to train harder to qualify. * Entry - You MUST qualify BEFORE you can enter (like what they want to do in 2020) * Entry Fee - Yes it increased to R600 but so has the winners prize money and charity contributions - no problem there. * Charity Runners - Runners that have raised R 6000 for charity shouldn't start in 'C' batch by default which often causes bottle necks as they often not quick enough for this batch, they should start further back in 'E' batch * Cut Off - Remains 12Hrs * Entry Limit - 20,000 runners (less runners to navigate through - batches not so big) * Special Medals - Hell NO! (Comrades is built on history) * Clothing - Mizuno (Can the manufacturers finally sort out their sizing - always miles to small based on size) *Busses - Should be a rule that busses MUST keep left on the route to allow faster runners to pass on the right. No group of runners should take up the entire road. Just my 2cents worth.
  4. Hi All, I am selling my Polar M600 Watch if anyone is interested - watch is basically brand new. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/329036-polar-m600-watch/ Thanks
  5. Also went to MBR sport because my Brooks Ghost 10's were killing my legs in races and actually started to doubt my fitness. Did a full run analysis and bought a pair of Saucony Ride 10's which is a neutral show with slightly more stability than others. This DRASTICALLY improved my running and will never look back.
  6. See their is a new Polar sportswatch being released. The Vantage M is the entry level and the V is the higher spec (Replacing the V800). Review below: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2018/09/the-new-polar-vantage-series-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know.html
  7. I sincerely hope that the entries for Comrades is not increased for next year. The roads just cannot handle the masses in the first 20-30km's. It must not become like a 94.7 where Joe Soap can buy running shoes and finish. I would even go as far as making an 11hr cutoff or alternatively more difficult seeding time/less batches.
  8. ITB is such a difficult thing to manage. I got ITB issues this year about 1 1/2 months before Comrades. I can suggest: 1) Make sure shoes are correct 2) REST!!! 3) Do plenty of stretches (Dont foam roll your ITB directly, foam roll glutes/quads/calves) 4) Work on core strength and imbalances in your core (Side clamshell raises, pelvic thrusts etc) 5) Dry Needling to ITB (Hurts and not comfortable but This really helped me get back on track)
  9. Hey guys, Jeeeeez, any of you battling to get going after Comrades? I have had my running clothes ready to go but getting up in the morning has been VERY difficult! haha
  10. Well done to everyone that finished. I came across the line in 11H03mins - felt great when I finished. Watch died at 7hrs so lost track of time a bit - will aim for Bronze next year when I do my back to back. The support along the route is mind blowing!! I hope they don't make the race too big as the roads cant handle it - was frustrating trying to get past all the buses taking up all the road in the beginning.
  11. Last week before the big C. This build up is driving me insane...cant even function at work now with all the thoughts of gear, nutrition, logistics, bonking/not bonkings running through my mind This is pure torture! Good luck to all the guys running - lets all get to the finish line in one piece!!
  12. Sorry to hear that Hacc, hope you come right. I had dry needling on my quad and hamstring to hopefully sort out my ITB niggle - almost jumped through the roof when the needles got to my muscles. Not sure about everyone else but I have felt very tired lately - feel like I can sleep the whole day! Going to try get some proper rest this weekend into next week. Think it is nerves as this damn race is on my mind a lot, hahaha.
  13. No unfortunately not. Missed it by 3mins at Johnson Crane (4:03 marathon), 4mins at Irene (4:54 ultra) so was close. But happy to start in F batch for the first one, dont want to be seeded above my ability.
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