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  1. I too was made the promise to be paid by the 24th, via an Acknowledment of Debt letter, suffice to say no such payment has been made. I mailed the culprit, to which he responded by offering me a credit for furture events that he is planning. I have since rsponded informing him that should he not make payment by 30th June, I will take legal action against him.
  2. CraigCCW

    947 Ride Joburg

    I rode it last year, it's not very technical, nothing worse than you get at a place like Northern Farms.
  3. CraigCCW

    947 Ride Joburg

    Did it last year, not very technical
  4. Anyone know where I can get some new decals / stickers for my Rockshox SID Fork? I can get from Ebay, and other international sites, but was hoping to find them locally.
  5. Don’t suppose you have any more of these available?
  6. As long as it's dry, last year the mud on the first day was like cement, you had to work for every KM.
  7. CraigCCW

    Val 100 Miler

    So I'm thinking of entering the Val 100 Miler: https://www.facebook.com/events/legends-mx/val-100-miler/2406878476292728/ https://www.entryninja.com/events/event/62802-the-4th-annual-val-100miler Has anyone done this ride before, if so any comments regarding the ride would be appreciated.
  8. Had my wheel trued after Amashova, and I suspect the shop may have over tension-ed those particular spokes. Just a guess, but I don't see what else would cause the hub to crack like that.
  9. So my race ended at 38km, 2 spokes and a cracked hub meant my wheel was so buckled that I had to pedal downhill. Seeing as I still had 50km's to go I decided to call it quits. Will try again next year.
  10. Got an entry for the 54km if anyone is interested
  11. I saw that, I was kind of hoping that was incorrect
  12. Think of entering the 45km, but not sure about it. Anyone got some insight as to the ascent, what I can expect on those trails? http://www.cycleevents.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/KK_MTB_45km.jpg
  13. I find the Halo Protex Bandana Tie Version much better than the band. The bandana wicks the sweat from head, which in turn means less on the band where the sweat guard is. I also find the tie version better due to the band version not fitting tight enough to work properly.
  14. Halo Headbands, nothing better. https://www.haloheadband.co.za
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