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  1. USWE is a (Swedish) brand. Available in SA.
  2. The pass to Wellington is closed for maintenance.
  3. Karl Platt out???😮 Runny tummy for Karl. He must be ... well ... gutted. 🤮
  4. (Asking on behalf of the uninformed morons, like myself) Who is @babse? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Select Stage 1 (any of the Stage pages will probably work), click Results tab, select Stage 1 GC in drop-down list.
  6. Well ... exactly ... how many of us have a helicopter at home, eh? (I don't mind GDK, he's nice and calm and knows virtually everyone and he can actually pronounce Langvad.)
  7. The feed is okay. The Marathon Worlds is much better (if better at all). And I only say Okay because of the frequent image breakups and general iffy video compression ... which is probably limited to the bandwidth in a distant dorpie. Annika is as good a commentator as she is an Epic rider: she made some really good observations during the developing race. Ebike footage is fantastic (and extra points for Stephan Sahm high-giving the heli-cameraman's foot). A few nags with chatter in the background and finish line cameras having different WB settings but this is Africa: getting live video from several vantage points is great. As for viewership numbers: I don't think it's fair to compare those interested in watching marathon events to the Red Bull Rampage monosyllable-trash-your-bike-spotty-faced-lazy-mouthed-gamers-living-at-home-with-parents-having-wet-dreams-of-a-new-GPU types.
  8. You’ll have the West Coast National Park as a safe playground. Watch out for territorial ostriches though. Heading inland through Hopefield could be good for longer rides (and bike spares in Malmesbury 😂), and a gravel bike can take you down a few hundred kilometres of inter-farm roads. I doubt bike-jacking is a thing along the West Coast.
  9. Gravel bikes have tougher wheels. 👹
  10. Hatherly seemingly out.
  11. Same here with iOS 15 and iPhone 11 (in both portrait and landscape).
  12. I like how the Lefty jettisons a useless tyre.
  13. I read this earlier this morning. Up tp the point where seller responded. My worthless 2c: Buyer – Simba – has been respectful and seemingly honest in his statements. Economical with details (most of is irrelevant in the earlier stages of the thread). Then Seller – Wade – responds with name-calling, accusations of collusion etc. Puerile. And that is amplified when Seller states money does not reflect in his account, but offers a refund. 😝 Seller does not sound like the sort of person I'd call a friend.
  14. I don't even notice sea kayaks on my roof (and they are VISIBLE from the wheel) when I pull into the garage. 😬
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