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  1. I have/had the Pyga 650b #1 (ordered and Delivered), Stage Medium #1 and now the MoBu Medium #1 so thats my hat trick, THANKS PAT. and ye, it's an amazing bike. G
  2. Christiaans service wrt the Kickr products has always been a benchmark for the rest of the industry to try and follow. G
  3. Loving it... Now if I can only ride mine more... With us not allowed to attend the TransB finish, anyone know if there was any MoBu's riding it, and how many... G
  4. I've got 2 units, and have had nothing but amazing service from Christiaan and his team. I got my first unit early, 2015... but would agree, in 6 yrs, they set the standard re how to look after customers. G
  5. so on the first ride I saw some "questionable" numbers, but did not think it scary out, just through new pm maybe more accurate... and then ye yesterdays ride told me something very wrong, so quickly did the calibration, and went and rode that same quick loop I did a couple weeks back on first ride. (i've been sick and weather has been bad so haven't been able to get outside). you can see this one, after calibration the numbers are proper/realistic/believable... So for anyone else, hell yes the lack of a calibration and totally wack the numbers out of the park... G
  6. Hi guys. So new bike, go riding, got questionable numbers from the Stages (brand new), my ftp is normally 255, Training peaks sommer after suggested I change it to 298..., a ride with a normal tis of 120, had a 249tss... remembered after I've never calibrated the new stages arm onto the Garmin, so did that, 946, normal acceptable range I believe is 890 ± 50... so it's borderline out. could the lack of a calibration have been the source of the numbers... or is the 946 the problem and I need to get it returned to Cape Cycles... G
  7. ... know those welds well. you will love them. G
  8. oh they gonna look amazing, love the fact that they now do custom colors. G
  9. welcome to the Hamster club. ... - a friend of mine sold/or selling that exact same trainer atm. I personally uses TrainerRoad for the last 5+ yrs, awesome, focused, great results. ZWift I find is more social focused. See a nice wall for a nice screen, just need a table on the side for the towel, water etc. G
  10. ... EVEN better in real life, standing right behind me in the study G
  11. ... For those interested, see: My MoBu Build G
  12. Yes, still have my stage. it will stay here in Jbay as my primary bike when down here and the MoBu will go back with my to Jhb as primary bike there, G
  13. last posting, Hope everyone enjoyed the little walk through this exciting trip. G The Build: Pyga Mobu Pyga Marathon Carbon Rims Chris King ISO Boost hubs Chris King BB Cane Creak Headset Rockshox SID Select 120mm Fork Rockshox Shock, Delux Ultimate, 118mm Thomson XC Flat carbon Handle Bar. Thomson X4 Stem Thomson MasterPiece Seat Post Selle Italia PantherFP seat Shimano XTR DI2 Shifter, Rear Derailer (11speed), Levers and Calipers, Shimano XT RT86 IceTech Rotos, 180mm front, 160mm rear. Shimano XT Crank Shimano XT Chainring and Cassette 1 x 11 as 34 Chain Ring, 11-46 Cassette Shimano XTR SPD pedals Stages Power Meter (XT) Vittoria Saguaro 2.25 front and back tyre ESI Chunky Grips K-Edge Garmin Mount cSixx ISG05 Chain guide Specialized bottle cage + Specialized tool bottle. Get Stoked : BikeShield Clearshield applied.
  14. And the Final bike assembled. guys, it's even better in real life, you don't understand how gorgeous this bike is. G
  15. And there I'm unboxing it, assembling it. Wife thought it very amusing and was taking pictures the Friday night.
  16. And here is the me and my boy driving to PE to collect the box from Triton Logistics the Friday afternoon (box arrived at 11:00 the morning), was not willing to wait till Tuesday (Triton only deliver to JBay on Tuesday and Thursdays). G
  17. So... about 2/3 weeks ago I got a call from Pat, he has my frame ready, what now... well ship it to Grant at Sprocket and Jack, I was saying, in between the excitement, followed by a call to Grant, telling him it's on it's way. (Grant has always build my bikes) What follows is some pictures as Grant unboxed the bike and assembled/build it up using my supplied components.. Followed by disassembling it, as little as required, reboxing it, and shipping it to me. My wife and kids stay in Jeffreysbay which we call home now, I still work in Jhb, so commute... (normally every 2-3 weeks in JBay for a very long weekend), due to Covid, been down here since March last year, probably returning to Jhb in 3 weeks, ready for B&B. For those that notice the serial number... well some might know, I had Pyga 120 650b #1, (I placed the order while in Ireland on a project, Pat was still drawing pictures, designing it) I then followed that by Pyga Stage M 001... I ordered at the launch evening in Cape Town when they opened their new offices there back in 2013 or was that 2014, was like March/April. So ye me very chuffed, this is also M001... Thanks PAT, this is special.
  18. And then THEN THEN it happened, we all know parts/components availability in SA is a serious problem at the moment. Be that Shimano or SRAM, there simply is not enough. I was lucky, everyone else bought bikes from Pyga, other words a frame set, and then a full set of wheels, shocks etc etc all added to it, delivered to you. In my case, I bought a bare frame, everything else, I started buying the day after the launch. I slowly got everything, taking advantage of all specials I could, G
  19. Some time after this... the first frames made it into the public eye in the hands the Pyga race team, which have been putting the frames through many many km's, races, leading to lots and lots of additional tweaking by Pat, the I'm not happy yet, it can be better. G
  20. Now some time past... We had a drinks evening alongtheu way at Sprocket and Jack where the first frame out of the moulds was presented, people in attendance was a subset form those at the launch evening, all followed by all of us going out for a lekker dinner, All pre Covid G
  21. And here the frames starting emerge, coming together, ending in the first rolling frame. Pat standing next to his creation, This is early, this is like Alpha stage, but already it looked amazing.
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