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  1. MTB 3:02 Road 3:03 Improved by 16 minutes on both, so happy with that... Next year sub 3 for both
  2. http://www.jetlineactionphoto.com/find_photos.php
  3. Moved up from GG last year to batch C this year, starting of at 06h43...
  4. Started watching Breaking Bad... Very cool Sons of Anarchy season 6 just started too... Also watch the pilots of a couple new shows which look awesome: Sleepy Hollows - very awesome looking, hope they keep it up... Rewind - also has loads of potential... Ironside Can't wait for Agents of Shield to start on the 24th
  5. Wow that is so awesome... The dolphin just chilled there while the help it out... So amazing...
  6. That is some insane rapids to be swimming down...
  7. I am lucky there my wife watches Burn Notice with me
  8. Also been watching "The Bridge" and "King and Maxwell"
  9. U der the dome is good... Sure I saw an episode of Twilight Zone "many" years back were they had something similar to this and was hardcore... Very keen to see how this plays out...
  10. Hey Daideron, Suits season 3 has started already if you download series from the US...
  11. One day when I am big and grown up... I am there
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