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  1. Agreed. I also passed those two. They were very overweight and probably just starting out. I am sure next time they'll be sorted with CamelBak packs.
  2. I also had an incredibly loud, irritating creaking sound on my road bike. I resolved it in two steps. First I found that my skewer wasn't very tight. After adjusting it to clamp harder, the noise was reduced a lot. Next, I applied a thin layer of Copper Slip between the frame and the hub. After that the bike was silent. Putting your bike on a trainer meant that you had to fiddle with the skewer, so maybe the above applies to your problem.
  3. I enjoyed the race and had some fun battles ... had to pull away from two youngsters enjoying some headwind protection behind me for the last few kms. Route was great.
  4. I've enjoyed all the route changes you've introduced in 2011 and look forward to your latest additions.
  5. I was stung on my forearm by a bee coming down the mineshaft a week ago. Maybe this woman was also stung and she is allergic or maybe she was stung in the face.
  6. I just recently started cycling on the road after a year of mountain biking. I purchased an Argon 18 Gallium Pro from Cycle Tech in Kyalami. I trusted Marco and Greg to spec all the components and am very happy with the result. I feel very comfortable on the bike and completed the recent Dome 2 Dome without pains ... except for tired legs at the end. I cannot comment on how the Argon 18 compares to the Trek or Cannondale but when I compare it to my dad's Felt AR4, I find the Argon 18 is easier to pedal up a hill.
  7. Glad to hear that you guys got away physically unharmed. Not that I would object to hijackers being shot dead, but I agree that if more cyclists fought back with guns, it would just escalate the whole thing and soon cyclists will simply be shot and not asked to relinquish their possessions. Typical police, they won't move a muscle to prevent cyclists being robbed or injured. But beware the day when cyclists defend themselves. They'll be labeled vigilantes and the police will put in a massive effort to catch them and put them in jail ... for a long time.
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