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  1. Is this a website promoting cycling or corporates? There are adverts pasted all over this site which are easier to gloss over, which give revenue. My point (which you seem to miss) is now we have an entire opening page promoting a corporate entity, TWICE! Is that necessary, considering all the space already given over to advertisers to keep this site up and running? Is it not better seeing what our sport is actually about, than blasted by the likes of Clicks? Its like going to a major cycle race expo; not to see any bikes any more, but just to buy gels or salami...
  2. I'd still prefer to see that Huge banner space used for pics promoting the likes of Pottie and Greg smashing it at SA DH champs for example
  3. mmm. Having been part of this "hub" for several years now, I'm not enjoying the current "visual pollution" of these massive adverts spalshed across my screen when opening up my browser. I've had Bikehub as my homepage for years, and now I'm greeted with a huge banner advert (Clicks this morning), with a smaller advert just below it, followed by two more banner adverts lower down, and it seems to me that this site is no longer about cycling but more about promoting products and advertising. I have to scroll down an entire page to get to what Bikehub is actually all about, the forums etc. Four adverts on the Home page, and whilst i understand that selling this advertising space is what is funding Bikehub, is bombarding us as users like this really neccessary? The small banner adverts selling un-cycling-related stuff and general junk is somewhat tolerable, but this current format is really annoying. my 2c...
  4. Li Mu Bai

    947 Ride Joburg

    Some people do that at the front of the bunch they are riding with for 99% of the race, and then sprint to try win in the last 500m. Lousy, but... That's racing. In your case, hang in there as long as you can and enjoy the pull.
  5. Li Mu Bai

    947 Ride Joburg

    Sad as it was for Emma, If she goes "off route" it is soley her fault. One cannot blindly follow the lead car, imagine if the driver needed a pist stop or his Waze stops functioning, or there is no space for the vehicle. Same happened years ago on Paris Roubaix. When she got to that taped off area, she should have noted the mistake and that something was amiss, and retraced her route back. Crossing the taped barrier was the second error. I cannot imagine what the hell that cone was doing blocking the correct route? Somebody trying to be funny or sabotage her route? Didnt the elite men pass through there before the women? bizzare.
  6. I have some of their bib shorts. Very nice, good quality, comfortable. I had it brought back here by a travelling friend. Even with Le Col discounts etc, paying clothing customs duty here does make it worth it if you thought of shipping it in
  7. All depends on what you plan on doing with your grand children for fun...
  8. Danny Mac (and the others) spend probably 85% of their time falling till they get it right for camera. Thats just what they do for a living.
  9. Li Mu Bai

    Jock 2020

    HaToere confirm cancellation yet?
  10. On the pavement? Moving away from the riding space is not that difficult.
  11. Li Mu Bai

    Jock 2020

    Yes, Agreed. The HAtoere events I have attended have always been top notch. I'm really surprised that there has been no response/confirmation for months now.
  12. Li Mu Bai

    Jock 2020

    Hi. Has anyone who has sent proof of their 2020 entry to Hatoere actually received a response yet? Ive sent several emails but no confirmation or response. Much like trying to phone the post office or city council...
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