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  1. Event Name: Rust De Winter 4x4 MTB Challenge. When: 19 November 2016 Where: 4x4 ATV Campsite - Rust de Winter, Limpopo Category: MTB Distances: 65km, 30km, 10km Late entries on the day. Cash prizes for the overall winners in each distance. Go to Event Page
  2. Event Name: Roodeplaat MTB Challenge When: 3 September 2016 Where: NG Kerk Kameeldrift, Gauteng Category: MTB Roodeplaat MTB Challenge once again starts at the NG Kerk Kameeldrif. Join for an exciting ride, with distances of 70km. 45km, 15km and fun rides GPD Coordinates: S25 39 28.5 E28 15 53.8 Go to Event Page
  3. Event Name: Jaguar Land Rover Family Cycle Challenge When: 15 May 2016 Where: Leriba Lodge Centurion, Gauteng Category: MTB From the majestic Leriba lodge to the world renowned SAAF museum, to the amazing sunsets of the mighty Air force base, this is the Jaguar Land Rover Centurion Family Cycle Race and it is a race like no other. From an relaxing start to an eventual passing of high speed jets and classic old Aeroplanes at the Air Force Base in the centurion area, there simply is no equal when it comes to a sense of achievement, setting and the overall spirit – the Jaguar Land Rover Centurion Family Cycle Race is a must for all families as well as for competitive riders and aeroplane fanatics. General The main cycle race route is 27Km long. The starting and finish point for the race will be at Leriba Hotel & Spa, 245 End Avenue, Clubview, Centurion. 6Km of the route will be from Leriba Hotel & Spa to Swartkops Airforce Base, inside Swartkops Airforce Base we will use 15Km of designated routes as confirmed by Swartkops Airforce Base. Then we will use the same route of 6Km to return to Leriba Hotel & Spa. The 5Km Route will also start at Leriba hotel & Spa, go around the block, through a green belt and finish at Leriba Hotel & Spa. Route Detail – 27Km 1. Start at Leriba Hotel & Spa. 2. Continue on End Avenue towards Jim van der Merwe Street. 3. Continue right on Jim van der Merwe towards Lyttleton Road. 4. Cross over Lyttleton Road into Von Willich Avenue towards Aberdeen Street. 5. Turn left onto Aberdeen Street towards Ashwood Drive. 6. Turn right on Ashwood Drive and continue towards M10. 7. Cross over M10, continuing in Ashwood Drive towards Old Johannesburg Road. 8. Turn right onto Old Johannesburg Road and continue towards Swartkops Airforce Base main gate (Opposite Godiva Road). 9. Cycle 15Km designated route inside Swartkops Airforce base as shown on the map in red. 10. Exit at the Swartkops Airforce Base main entrance. 11. Turn left on Old Johannesburg Road and continue towards Ashwood Drive. 12. Turn left on Ashwood Drive and continue towards M10. 13. Cross the M10 and continue in Ashwood Drive towards Aberdeen Street. 14. Turn left on Aberdeen Street and continue towards Von Willich Avenue. 15. Turn right on Von Will Avenue towards Lyttleton Road. 16. Cross over Lyttleton Road into Jim van der Merwe towards End Avenue. 17. Turn left on End Avenue and continue to Leriba Hotel & Spa. Go to Event Page
  4. Got a message earlier that the race was starting earlier due to the heatwave. According to the Trailseeker website, the event program looks like this:
  5. Tyrone Imrie shared Hi-Risk Unit's post to the group: Pretoria East MTB (PEMBI).1 hr · +7Hi-Risk Unit added 10 new photos.Yet another attack at Ford Klapperkop last night 23/08/2015. We were contacted by the victims friends with regards to the attack via Facebook. Same look out point different suspects. These suspects were young and possibly round 18 years of age. They seem to becoming more violent. Please stay away from this area at night. Send this information to all your friends so that every one is aware of what is happening here
  6. From FaceBook today: WARNING WARNING WARNING. Share as wide as you can. Please do NOT go to Fort Klapperkop for any site seeing or to look at the lights or to be alone with your friend or for any reason. This goes for day and night visits. This is a very dangerous area and people get attacked, beaten, raped and stabbed. You are not safe there. Another couple attacked tonight 22/08/2015 and stabbed. Male very serious condition. A friend of mine and her children were attacked there on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. Multiple bikers and runners attacked. No view, lights or alone time is worth the trauma or your life.
  7. Has anything further happened regarding the guy that was arrested at Klaaperkop? I went through to SAPS Sunnyside, left my details regarding a possible identity parade, and that was the last I heard.
  8. I wish I could give a description of the other 2 that were involved in my attack, but the only one I got a clear view of was the one that was arrested. One of the others was always behind me, holding a knife to my throat, and the other was busy going through the vehicle, and was not in my limited line of vision. The one that was arrested was directly in my line of sight, and I could get good look at him, particularly when he took my cellphone, and gave me back the SIM card. Hope the others get what is coming to them though.
  9. N1 is the best. According to someone that took the R511recently, the road between Brits and Thabazimbi is in a very bad condition.
  10. I posted this to the Pta East MTB page on FB on 14 May. I am one of the 2 people that was robbed last Thursday at Klapperkop. Firstly, a big thank you to the riders that stopped to offer assistance. The guy with the Sondela MTB shirt, thanks for the loan of your cellphone to call the SAPS. I had been to Klapperkop to take some photos of the low-flying aircraft taking off from Waterkloof, and was on my way back to the R21 when I decided to stop at the Telkom Tower parking area to get some photos of Wildebeest that were on the side of the road. Another car pulled up, and the driver asked if I knew the direction back to Randburg, as he was from Cape Town, and his GPS had shown him that it was the shortest route. At that time he decided to answer a call from nature, and moved over to the left, behind the dustbin. I was standing in the clearing looking over UNISA and the Telkom Tower, when I noticed 3 guys approaching at a run. When they were a few metres from us, they all produced home made knives that at that stage appeared to be small swords. One of the robbers grabbed the other man, and 2 approached me. One grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, and pushed his knife against the back of my neck, and the other pressed his knife into my back, hard enough to draw blood and leave a small scar. The robbers proceeded to drag us into the bushes, away from the road, calling for "cellphone, wallet and money." At that stage I was under the impression that they were dragging us into the bushes with the intent of doing us bodily harm, or possibly stabbing us to death. I handed my cellphone and (empty) wallet to one of the robbers, while one of the robbers took the car keys from the other man, and went up to his vehicle, and removed a laptop bag, and a bag of groceries. In all, the incident probably took less than 2-3 minutes, but if felt much longer. The robbers ran down the mountain in the direction of George Storrar. Our losses were 1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 1 x Citizen watch, 1 x Tag Heuer watch, 2 x wallets containing about R1500-00 in cash, as well as the car keys to a BMW X5. One of the robbers at least was a local, as he spoke Afrikaans, and said "Ons wil julle nie doodmaak nie" while the other 2 spoke English. According to the Sunnyside SAPS that were on the scene within a few minutes, the robbers were the same men that attacked an elderly couple in Groenkloof the day before, according to the clothing description. There is also the possibility that they have a lookout that works with them, in the form of a jogger that runs from about the parking area where the robbery took place, to the next parking area where the Burry Stander cross was. Once more, a bit thank you to the cyclists that gave assistance, and take care when cycling. A big thank you to RR, the guys from SAPS Sunnyside, and members of the CPF, that resulted in 1 suspect being apprehended so far. Hopefully the others will get what is coming to them as well.
  11. Thanks River Rat. Will be going through to Sunnyside in a bit, and hope we can nail these people to the wall.
  12. Hi River Rat. I have been in contact with Trish, and will be going though to the Sunnyside SAPS today to add my case to the one already opened. The guy that was arrested yesterday appears to be one of the 3 that robbed me at knife-point on 07 May, and I opened a case at the Sunnyside SAPS against him and his friends. This will help in giving me some measure of closure, and help heal the wounds.
  13. Anyone doing this event?
  14. Event Name: XDIRT Ugly Six MTB When: 16 May 2015 Where: Madidaba Lodge, Gauteng Category: MTB Distance & Entry Fee Pre Entries(Closing 14 May 2015): 50km MTB - R 150,00 25km MTB - R 120,00 Late Entries(Taken 16 May 2015): 50km MTB - R 150,00 25km MTB - R 120,00 Start Time: 50km MTB 07:30 25km MTB 07:30 Registration: 06:00 Registration @ Venue Venue: Madidaba Gauteng General Information Two Points Sectors: Sector A: Overall Position: Sector B: Age Group Position 1 point will be allocated to the first 100 participants to cross the finish line at all events in the series.Points will be allocated from position :1-20 in overall Sector Points will be ascending (position 201 Point and position 120 points). The above points allocation structure will also be applicable for the age groups. Go to Event Page
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