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  1. Sagan not to feature? Wow, that’s a hard prediction to throw into the fold. I think he CAN win a stage, actually his got a few picks of suitable stages. Watch this space “Lechatnior” 😉
  2. I went there and they were closed a few weeks ago and been calling them?
  3. Is this shop still open or active?
  4. Finally Sagan does what we all know is possible! Pure class! There will never be a rider like him. His just one guy who never gives up and for that his a true ambassador of the hard sport of bicycle racing!
  5. Great to hear a good ending!
  6. Thanks buddy for your honesty and speedy response! You sir ROCK! 👍😉
  7. Yeah fully agree, it’s a massive issue, look at the Aerial footage to see how skew the barriers are! I mean just that alone causes waves in the peloton when a speed train is setting up a sprinter 🙈
  8. Hi I thought Merlin Cycles was a local store? Only as I had seen the SA flag and prices, to find it’s actually a UK store willing to ship at Insane prices to SA. Anybody have experiences?
  9. Again the final finishing needs to be looked at, some towns get it right others need assistance with external input. Oh well just shows even the best trains can break down now and then no matter how hard you practice.
  10. I don’t even do gravel but that makes me want one! Why Are you putting me on my knees screaming Canyon? Oh wait, getting one locally might just make me stand up rather and walk. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. You’ve got him hubberized 🤣🤣🤣 out in the open.
  12. I few surprises awaits the peloton, this route will bring upsets...
  13. Mentioning Legal in a secondhand market holds as much weight as quicksand. Your best is just keep yourself in the market till the time is right and the price is acceptable for both parties. GL
  14. ..So nobody uses bicycle racks anymore? LOL
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