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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for a 947 entry for the driver at our office. The only reason he has not entered the race the past couple of years is because he simply cannot afford it. If you know of someone that has an entry but can't make it anymore or you can't make it and you're willing to gift your entry or sell it at a reasonable price (then I can cover the costs for him) please let me know. I did post a wanted ad but am trying to spread the word a little further. I have never had much luck with wanted ads.
  2. To me the difference is too small to notice. They were priced the same when I bought so I went oval to try it out. It does look cool though.
  3. And just like that my least productive period at work starts!
  4. Our race was over before it even started. Some guy that was late for the start tried to make up all the spots he lost in KL before going over the timing mats. He hit a barrier and crashed against my girlfriend who then took me down. Her rear disc was so badly bent we had to pull out. Would have loved to try out the route, will just have to give it another shot next year.
  5. My exact thought when I read his first response.
  6. This is getting out of hand. One of these days we will be confined to virtual cycling in our living rooms. Wish we could set a trap for the bliksems. Curious to know whether the attacker has a missing thumb...
  7. We have an open space in the bakkie leaving from midrand/centurion on Friday, will probably aim for around 2-3pm. If anyone is keen for a lift and to split fuel etc, pm me.
  8. Just saw this on news24, the pic of the bike between the car an railing is scary! Hope he is ok.
  9. Don't know if there are any miners on here but a lot of people lost a lot of money with the Nicehash hack. Luckily I lost only about $5 worth of BTC but some guys I know lost around $1000 worth.
  10. Shot, will give you a shout if my lbs can't help.
  11. Thanks for the info everyone, at least now I know what I need, 2.85mm worth of spacers. Will swing by the lbs as it will be way more effort to have it shipped from the shop where I bought the wheels. I used shimano (9 speed) and then stan's (10 speed) hubs before this and could just shove the cassette on without any extra spacers and go. This rather common knowledge is new to me.
  12. Great thanks for the info. So a bit more reading and I think I understand now. Although the shimano 10 and 11 speed mtb cassettes are the same width, that is not true for the road cassettes. The 11 speed road cassette is wider than both the 10 speed road cassette and mtb cassettes. In order to make the freehub compatible with all the variations it is made to the width of the 11 speed road cassette and for the others you need the spacer. Will try my lbs for a faster solution. Still feel that it should have been supplied with the wheelset though...
  13. Thanks, I will start by contacting the shop that I bought it from, but getting it from them might take a while. In the mean time I would appreciate if you could measure yours tomorrow, at least then I can try and make a plan while I wait.
  14. I recently got a new wheelset with Hope Pro 4 Evo hubs. When fitting my 10 speed shimano cassette I noticed that the freehub was quite a bit wider than the cassette. After some searching with google it seems that I require a spacer that should be shipped with the hub under normal circumstances, but I was not able to find a definitive answer anywhere. Can anybody with the same setup please shed some light, am I correct in assuming that I just need the spacer for the setup to work, should I have received the spacer with the wheelset and what width is the spacer? Post found on Pinbike (https://www.pinkbike.com/forum/listcomments/?threadid=189396) - "PLEASE NOTE Use this spacer when fitting a 9/10 speed cassette or XT-M8000/XTR-M9000 (11 speed) Cassette" Image showing spacer:
  15. At least you have received yours, mine was shipped last week Monday, arrived in JHB on Wednesday, got handed over to Time Freight from Dawnwing on Saturday, the last scan was yesterday heading to Sasolburg, a good 100km from where it is supposed to be delivered...
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