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  1. Not to nitpick, but BGP is a routing protocol, their issue had something to do with DNS going down due to a disconnect between their datacentres. pretty decent explanation here - https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/oct/05/what-caused-facebook-whatsapp-instagram-outage If you want a easy to understand analogy, imagine that DNS is a post office, it is able to identify a persons name with a street address. BGP would be the delivery driver getting your package to the destination. In realworld, DNS resolves hostnames to IP addresses, so when you type in google.com into your browser, DNS resolves the hostname to an ip address. Your ISP will then use BGP routes to see where it is learning the route from and steer the packet accordingly.
  2. Jurgens Smit


    Who has hunted and done any form of competition or range shooting with a first focal plane scope and second focal plane? I understand the differences on paper, but would like some real world feedback. Whats your opinions on them and which did you like better?
  3. For the ones interested. It was a network config change that broke their DNS. And, they got locked out of their remote access. So they ended up having to go to their DC to physically restart the servers and fix the config change.
  4. I no longer use facebook, but somewhat enjoy instagram. Been pretty eyeopening now that its been down for approx 2 hrs how easily one becomes "reliant" on social media. And I don't even post anything, just enjoy looking at cool ****.
  5. No idea, our peering is still up. So BGP sessions have not dropped. Assuming it's some internal routing issue or maybe equipment failure. Could be the servers hosting the platforms that fell over. Or maybe someone messed coffee over their keyboard and when wiping it down hit the reboot button by accident????
  6. Little bit unrelated, but I find it hilarious how people who watch adult cartoons like Archer etc. and also watch dubbed or subbed foreign shows still refuse to watch (the equivalent more adult/darker) anime. But defs agreed, streaming has opened us up to a world of shows that most never knew existed and are brilliant. As long as you can read or tolerate the dubs. And as a bonus perk, really helps you to learn a language if you are already trying to learn it by watching that country's content.
  7. I've been putting a ton of time into Escape From Tarkov. It's expensive, like 2700. But it's hands down the best game I've ever played. And although its still in beta, it's been worth every cent. If you're into FPS, but looking for something more than COD, I'd highly recommend this. Edited to add, there are cheaper options of the game. Cheapest one goes for about 800.
  8. I finally got my bike sold, was super bleak when I rode it for the last time. But it's been standing for almost 6months just getting started to idle and take a ride around the block to make sure everything stays right. Unfortunately having a bike during lockdown and working from home permanently just doesn't work for me. I barely drive my car as it is now. So I've decided to wait until covid calms down, hopefully mid next year, push the bike payment into savings and then look at buying again when things are semi-normal again. Will prob be looking at either the superduke or the street fighter.
  9. Thanks dude, I was worried about it, because I don't want my dog to be isolated or feel "left out" being left alone in a kennel while I have other pets. Did you crate your labs as puppies? I did it with my dog when he was a pup, but it was only a week or so to get him to learn where his bed is. There is a lady close to me that breeds with working labs and springer spaniels, been waiting on her for a choc lab litter again(think they're called wildspirit gundogs or something similar) before committing to that.
  10. So something I've wondered for a while and it seems to be 50/50 online, if you have any other dogs other than the working labs do you let them mingle, and do you treat your labs as pets? I've seen a lot of people with gun/hunting dogs don't like to let them interact with other pets as they are worried about the habits, and f*** knows the reasoning behind the dogs living separate and only getting interacted with during training and hunts. I would like to get a lab and train it for wingshooting, but I'm worried about how interaction with my current pooch will be even though he is well trained for obedience.
  11. By working dogs, do you mean your are labs gundogs?
  12. Agree on the SWB and don't forget about the botched lift kits done on them. Then they get as the dutchies would say a "def wobble". Regardless, it's like the okes who love the Landies even with the bad rep that comes with them. I love the Jeeps and the way they ride (the LWB models), I love their looks and I love what they can do off road. I'm not worried about any engine maintenance coz those things are not rocket science to work on. The electronic issues I am aware of, but the drivetrain *** that Duane mentioned I'll look into. But I will be doing some further research coz there is no way in hell I can justify 800k on a new one, and would like to do some reading if the issues listed above are known faults or just really *** luck. The wrangler is just one of the vehicles on my list that fulfills my criteria and as stupid as it sounds, my dad had one when I was a kid and it became my "dream" vehicle. Hopefully it just isn't a case of you should never meet your idols in person bc you will be disappointed.
  13. I really don't want to hijack the OP's thread. But probably not soon. Ideally I personally want an SUV that is capable of doing everything I require from it, and I have a thing for Jeep. When I start actually seriously looking Bakkies will defs be considered, I just asked about the Jeep stuff when I saw the comments coz they were strange to me not really having heard of reliability issues on the vehicles before. I'll likely be keeping my Polo, and just using the other vehicle for weekends and holidays. So even something that could turn into a project car like the older straight 6 Grand Cherokees could work.
  14. Will give it a try, thanks. A mate of mine recommended The Expanse to me, so trying that as well, it's just paced so slowly.
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