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    Calculus Gravel Bike

    The price for a custom gravel project is R38k, and includes fitment, Cane Creek headset and CALCULUS carbon fork (Gravel or Adventure version). So it doesn't include the wheels and would vary depending on the fork.
  2. I recently got a Gravel frame custom made for me by the awesome guys over at Calculus Bikes. The frame arrived the other day, and after a fairly effortless build of my old parts across, I took her for a spin. The bike immediately feels right, like how you would imagine a bike that was made for you to feel. Being a gravel bike, the fit won't be super aggressive, but it's far from a lounge chair. It's comfortable but also feels like it's rearing to race. The power transfer is great. I loved getting out the saddle and pushing up some of the gravel climbs, and on the road is no different. On the looks side of things, it's gorgeous. Both the titanium itself and the actual lines are beautifully simple. There are places to fasten panniers and ample space for wider tires for long more technical adventures.
  3. I bought myself a gravel bike and then subsequently started selling my other bikes. The only bike I have left other than the gravel bike is my MTB which I am also planning on selling. In my opinion a gravel bike is the only bike you need. When you ride on the road you are a bit slower but you have the option to hop onto the gravel shoulder which is super fun. It is definitely not as capable on the technical stuff as a MTB, but that's part of the fun. On actual gravel it's amazing, you can really put the hammer down like you do on a road bike, but you are out there somewhere rather than on the roads. I recently contacted the guys at Calculus Bikes ( http://calculus-bikes.com/ ) who are putting a gravel frame together for me. So I will move my components over from my current gravel bike onto their custom geometry frame. I'm really excited. I had the option to make it more on the aggressive side, super relaxed or anywhere in between. I went for a fitment where we played around with my position until it felt perfect. I haven't ridden the bike yet, but I'm eager to see how it fares on bike packing and gravel touring missions. I attached an image of their design, for interests sake.
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