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  1. So my latest surprise is that we on the flagship Inspire Plus now only get R1,000 worth of Woolies vouchers, where we got R3,000 last year. Great product this Multiply of 2024.... On Multiply Inspire Plus and Engage Plus a monthly grocery spend limit of R1 000 applies to the main member, R500 to the partner and each adult dependant, and R250 for each registered child dependant.
  2. So the latest surprise for me is, in my instance I am the only one on the medical aid as well. So I was totally aware that I only can go onto the Inspire plus, but I understood that my wife, that was on my Multiply family package, would be locked in/stay on Multiply Premier. And so she did, until the end of January. Now, nothing. She cannot join Multiply premier, she does not stay there, she is just booted.... The only way for her to get rewards/benefits from multiply, is I have to go down to Multiply premier. I see within the next month one or two Momentum products is going to be cancelled. This has been coming for a WHILE and there is a few that does not make sense anymore and is also not worth the effort anymore...
  3. The life is the one I am concerned about, but cannot see that or if the fitnesse assessment will be necessary
  4. If you have medical, multiply, life and short term with them…. Is it still necessary to do a health and fitness assessment? Where do they play a role? Trying to figure out if it is necessary or worth it
  5. So with all the products unbundled, the Health part does nothing more for life insurance discount etc, WRT healthy hearts etc etc So what does leave on the Health (medical aid) part. The medical aid, health returns and Dischem vouchers? What other benefits is there left there?
  6. Has anybody figured out what we need to do as yet?
  7. So another cool surprise is it seems that all the weekly wins, which we use for Dischem, expired on 31/12. So in our case we now lost R450 worth of Dischem weekly wins between myself and my wife while we are on holiday and were only going to spend it this coming weekend.
  8. So only the people who are on medical aid can go onto the new myltiply. So the rest of my family (4) cannot be on multiply anymore as they are on my wifes government medical aid.
  9. I haven’t had the time to work through this year’s 1001 Multiply changes as yet, but I see we have till 31/12 to choose if you move over to Multiply Inspire Plus. I presume we don’t really have a choice and that is what we should do? PS: getting tired of this yearly changes and changes and changes….
  10. Just a general Momentum comment. Normally everything they changes goes wrong the first month or two of the year, this year has been especially terrible on all levels, that has not even been changed and we are sitting at the beginning of the 4th month. I'm talking safe days, weekly wins and monthly wins, active days, etc etc. The part that is terrible is the support, normally their support to sort out the issues was great and speedy, now I am sitting with issues that has been reported almost a month back and resend and resend and still not resolved. You do not get resolutions, but not even any feedback. Multiply say Insure handles things, Insure says sorry Multiply handles it. The Momentum service as a whole is not up to standard this year!
  11. Yup, I was racking up the non safe days due to speeding @ 100km/h with my caravan on the N1 during the holiday. Also one BULL cornering incident per day on one of my wife's two daily trips causes her to have a daily non safe day, whilst all the other sections is in the 90%.... So over this!!!! And we have not even come to the Myriad Discount screwing that we will get this year...
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