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  1. The final leg of the SA XCO Cup 2021 will be held in Bloemfontein at the Happy Valley Conservancy. This is one of the top XCO courses and events in South Africa for the past 5 years, so come and see why. It will be a UCI Cat 2 event, and forms part of the UCI Junior World Series Please visit http://cyclingsa-events.co.za/app to enter
  2. You can echo this comment to almost everything cycling related...it is what it is.
  3. Will send him a whatsapp later and wait for a reply. Will post details tomorrow if add is still live
  4. My thoughts also. Sent him a message earlier today. Will see what happens
  5. That's like R30 a month, for high quality cycling broadcasts. What did DSTV premium cost a year?
  6. Great quality products, with even better after sales service. Quality is better than some of the "big" name brands
  7. Wil6

    Calling on you gamers

    It's recommended retail price for the 3060 is starting from $329, so that about R5000 excluding shipping charges and duties. The 3070 is $500 = R7500. Thats incredible value for money, and no card from AMD can come close to this. The problem is these cards are sold out everywhere, because people outbuy them and sell them for more than double the price.
  8. Wil6

    Calling on you gamers

    I'm struggling to get my hands on a 3070 card as per $499 recommended price. Where did you get one?
  9. Wil6

    Calling on you gamers

    A mid ranged Pc will still be way better than any console. My PC is about 2 years old now and still runs AVG 130FPS on a big multiplayer game like Battlefield 5. I love multiplayer first person shooter games, and if you want to be competitive, frames per second will always be my go to. With that said, I guess on console everyone will have the same crap refresh rate and below par graphics... For me, there is nothing like a keyboard and a mouse, paired with a 144Hz monitor and running on High to Ultra settings.
  10. Please close down this thread Admin. Problem resolved
  11. So glad you got this nightmare sorted out. Well done Morne for eventually doing the right thing. Hard lesson learned.
  12. Welcome to this thread about you. Your a bit late, but its never too late to make things right. Please post your side of the story. Another thing is, why must he wait for you until the 7th to sort this out. Pay the man back his money asap, and then YOU must get the fork back after that. After 15 years in the industry, you are not doing a very good job if you think a 650b fork is the same a 29er...
  13. +1, guys like these must not be able to trade here again
  14. I see he gave you a negative rating accusing you of not wanting to come to the table as he is willing to help and give you a refund. Please teach this guy a proper lesson in how the real life works. You are letting him get away to easily
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