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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this Savages. I don't know how we are going to put an end to this horrific behaviour. Sadly I think that these incidents seem to becoming all the more violent and provide a microcosm of whats occuring around the country.
  2. My bad, thanks Admin just too hasty in forming my opinion and dropping the comment, glad to see that the RD/MTB option still exists. Great new look in my view well done again.
  3. I really like the look of the new classifieds section but if I have one criticism is that road and mtb components are now all lumped together were as before they were separated. This makes searching for that singular item a bit more laborious. Otherwise I think you've done a great job well done admin.
  4. Yes FootballingCyclist is right this guy is very active selling car parts, bikes and bike parts on Facebook. He really shouldn't be too hard to track down. Such a sadness that it just takes a few bad apples to turn what is so great with Bikehub and our community so sour. Hope the OP comes right, good luck Andrew.
  5. Terrible news R.I.P. Deepest condolences
  6. Iv'e broken into the top 800 and will celebrate that.
  7. Thanks to Bikehub for putting this together. So here we go again, my relatively psychologically stable self is about to traverse that range of emotions normally associated with serious mental disorders. I hold you personally responsible for my anxiety, lack of sleep, OCD, ADD, dependant personality disorder and a whole bunch of other personality disorders as I contemplate my picks. This is just before we even get to the line, then as the race rolls out of town I suffer feelings of ebullience and depression all at the same time as my picked riders win and lose. I inflict self harm through over indulgence of too much beer in celebration or drowning of my sorrows as the daily post race results are made clear. My wife initially asks if she can assist as I sit in quite amazement as my top pick tumbles from the top 50 at the team time trial. In the 2nd week however she storms off to our room as I lose all sense of reality swearing at the screen as my top GC contender crashes out. My dog even retires as far away from me as possible as he gives up on his daily walk and my demeanor. The highs and lows as I move slowly up and then plummet down the log like a broken elevator are tantamount to bouts of bipolarism. Thanks Bkehub for testing that range of emotions that otherwise would not have pervaded my life, at least I am shown that even a normal even tempered guy can be inflicted by le Tour and the fantasy game. Thanks for bringing on that full range of emotions I wouldn't have it any other way..
  8. Hey Wayne so sorry to hear about your bike buddy. That's a real beauty I hope you somehow get it back. We all are only too aware how passionate a Colnago man you are. Good luck.
  9. Stolen: Specialized Rockhopper 2018 When: 24 May 2018 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape This bike belonged to my sister was ridden three times and was stolen from her apartment in Harfield Village this morning. She is devastated as this was a brand new bike that was bought as a gift for her. as I am an active member on bikehub I am handelling this situation for her so Bikehub members can contact me should you know of or see anything regarding this bike. Many thanks Trailman Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  10. So sorry to hear about this, my deepest condolences to a fellow cyclist and family.
  11. Deepest condolences to the family, R.I.P
  12. Hey Schnavel, I only picked up on this now so sorry to hear about your misfortune. I see that Quinton was last on here in May with his logged on name which doesn't mean much if he really is trying to dodge you, as he is quite possibly monitoring this very thread incognito. I know its a schlep but I think you should drag his ass through the small claims court. Given your story and the fact that he has a fixed address and business I am certain they will find in your favor. You have proof of payment through your eft and the eft payment that you made regarding shipping along with your several attempts to contact him, they may even award costs. Don't let him get away with this as has been experienced by so many of us honest Hubbers such as yourself (as I remember from previous transactions both ways) these scammers more then often don't just commit these scams as a once off, but usually are or become serial scammers. The only way that they can get away with ripping us off is because we eventually give up or lose interest, I urge you to not let this happen. His next innocent victim will fall prey to his dishonesty because you have let this slide. you have myself and many other Hubbers on your side here, use that to your best advantage. Let us know how we can best support you. Remember This: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
  13. WoW thanks Admin just seen this and I have just broken into the 1st half of the Pelaton now lying within the top 500 I am so good at this game
  14. Go Kittel you have moved me up to the 500th mark you my hero
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