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  1. Moving quickly now - recommend coming after 1000 when the rush is finished ✅
  2. Bring a book to read folks, still standing here waiting for them to open
  3. Pre Booked queue this AM for those needing tests —>
  4. Just a follow on comment but my Kind dropper has more than 3000km of pretty abusive enduro usage on it, the Lyne probably has around 200km in a more XC style of riding. The post diameter on the Kind is 34.9mm, the lyne at 27.2mm, my other thought is that Lyne were one of the few to make a “long drop” dropper for a 27.2mm post diameter. I still have the Specialized command post for 27.2mm but some here might remember it only had 35-40mm drop, where from a design point of view they clearly wanted the dropper portion diameter to be wider than what my epic supported (easily 31mm on the dropper side of the post, tapers to 27mm to fit the bike).
  5. Pics of the actual contents still coming, but before that I thought I’d share what is probably the most “interesting” way I’ve seen a bike shop pack a bike for shipping (the assumption here was that they didn’t want to remove the dropper post, so thought it less risky to have the entire post seat outside the box 😂😁👏
  6. I’ve got a decent amount of play on mine too. I’ve got the KIND SHOCK LEV INTEGRA on my ebike which by comparison has no compliance whatsoever. the key difference is that the lyne and many others use a cartridge strut as the internal mechanism to raise the post, similar to your car bonnet or boot. You can’t really service the strut, when it eventually goes you simply replace it. fox, rock shox, kind etc all use a serviceable air canister similar to your fork which requires more maintenance cycles, but gives you that stiffness I think you’re after.
  7. The bike in the pic was a 54cm, so at the correct seat height for a 1,78m tall rider, the "hover" bar should be fine. In my observations though, the hover bar is quickly ditched for a normal flat-flared bar.
  8. The 2022 diverge is pure “take my money”:
  9. I did three K2C's on a Diverge from 2016-2018. The first year i was the only guy, the next year more, and then more etc The descend down Wa-Pad at the start is a risk, from there onwards i had a smile on my face all the way to the finish cruising past my fellow competitors. Ive owned both the Gen 1 Diverge with Zertz which was more of a CX bike, but when i got the Gen 2 with FSR, the bike really was super easy to ride. Ive also done two Om-Die-Pods (Around the Pot) with the Gen 2 and it was a total breeze (Felt like cheating). As im sat here on Heritage evening, glass of wine in hand, im already looking for another gravel bike, im hearing good things about the RUUT ... any recommendations from the audience? (Not going to do another specialized, my beard and taste for kraft beer needs something more edgy)
  10. Wow - Ashleigh Moolman rides MTB?
  11. No expo this year, keen to see how registration will happen. Managed to get into 1D.
  12. the TMNP My Activity Card, specifically level 3, gives you access to the whole TMNP and COGH eco system by bike, R660 p/a and worth every penny, just a hassle to get one from Tokai office.
  13. I don’t think the gate is open if you’re having to Chuck your bike over the turnstile. I went there today, still loads of no-entry signage, gate still padlocked. I threw the bike over the fence and went for a looksee anyway, the state of all the tree cutting is super sad. The UCT XCO track is a memory. there is still a make shift bob-wired fence at the tree at the bottom of plum pudding, so traffic from the cable car side is also being blocked.
  14. Just posted by Cycling SA -> CTCT and mass participation events should go ahead now.
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