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  1. Valid points, can't remember how many times I've toyed with the idea to buy direct, only to realise after shipping, duties etc, you're still not sure if it's going to be good deal compared to local big name brands. Looking at other direct sales brands with local agents, prices are also way off, totally defeating the purpose of the business model.
  2. Exactly, came for this comment, wrong body position. I would imagine on those rocks, with some dirt still stuck to your tyres, it doesn't take much to break traction. Body weight being too far back and upright, you'd struggle to make any correction then.
  3. There's a video out there of Nino riding Status quo sans dropper, on his skinny wheels and all, showing how it's done.
  4. Eish, I was actually about to order some stuff from them last week. Struggled to "fill" up the basket for the free shipping.
  5. Spez Command post was ok, tends to become sticky once in a while. Also liked the 3 position stops. Oneup - Didn't live up to the hype. I also don't understand why these things need to be so complicated. Hopefully we'll see more of the new Fox transfer sl post that only has 2 stop and a spring. No one really needs infinite stops, and complicated air springs that needs maintenance.
  6. I just reported the page as a scam. Let enough people do it and it be taken down.
  7. The thing about SS that still irks me the most is that they're showing WWE fake-ass-redneck-smooth-brained-wrestling. They might as well add the Kardashians to the line-up.
  8. Yip, and the amount of travel a frame can accommodate. Short seat tubes ftw. And any bike with a kink in the seat tube or a rocker link pivot in the way that limits the insertion depth has also become a deal breaker for me. My next bike must at least be able to fit a 160-170 mm dropper for my short legs.
  9. My first couple of rides with a dropper was such a weird feeling experience. At first I would only drop the seat ~5cm. And then ~10 rides later, all the sudden, it just stopped feeling weird. Now, it just feels uncomfortable and unrideable to have saddle in the way, as I've learned to actually move around on the bike, leaning in corners etc. Riding flat pedals with the seat up is also looking for ***, as one can't bend your legs enough to absorb the big impacts. I leave it for pros like Nino to do that.
  10. Well yes, if we're going to be pedantic about the literal sense of the word. You also don't have to get up in the cold and go to work tomorrow morning, but who's going to pay your bills. It's just a bit different when your income depends on generating views/clicks/likes etc.
  11. 100% I'm not into these extreme edits. The athletes continuously have to out do their previous acts or the peers, all this to create social media content for likes/follows etc. Viewers/fans get desensitized eventually, also demanding more, and if it's not gnarlier than the previous video, they lose interest. Yet, the same people can't even bunny hop a side walk. It reminds me of when Tony Hawk PS game came out, and these nobodies would expect you to also do a double backflip out of a crooked nose grind landing with a double kick flip.
  12. I've no idea what you're on about, but that profile pic,
  13. Ahh, makes sense. The under belly looks like that of a humpback, but the flippers seemed too small.
  14. Gnarly AF. The stuff s-works dreams are made of.
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