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  1. CTCT is not a race, its a funride.. the "other event" on the same day for the elites is though .
  2. Wonder if they going to enforce the mask rule for bunch riding..... (as far i'm aware this is still a thing) I can already see one large f-up with whole rolilng start thing, but might be surprised , but i'm not going to stress about it and starting nice and late with the socialist
  3. Well, must be something new cause when I finished the sportiff, they could not do mat to mat, maybe to many people complained and where forced to update their scripts... but luckily i'm not racing the CTCT this year (if it happens) .. so don't really care, just want to have the badge that I finished another.
  4. They don't use mat to mat, its start groups time and your end time, so if you roll over last, you few minuts later than start groups start time. well, that how its been for every CTCT i've done.
  5. For indicative pricing, see https://powerforum.co.za/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18136
  6. BS Fibre draws almost f-all power, should be on the box/fibre converter. Laser printer on the other hand is beach. has rather spikey power usage. Also, don't by normal UPS, the battery's are not made to cycle more than few times, its for backup .. not often use. Also, they take about 24 hrs to recharge, so never charged on stage 2 shedding. lots of people is learning this the hard way at moment. UPS is just a inverter /charger and battery . Very basic setup: Buy a Kodak/Axpert or what eve 12 or 24v inverter .. get 2 x >100 gellcell deap cycle type battery (no fumes) and connect a multiplug into the output and plug the input into a wall socket with 3 point plug. ITs fully legal as its not permanent and have all the disconnects needed Will cost about R10k Later when you know/learned more .. get things done proper 😉 EDIT: disclaimer .. there to many question, i'm to old to keep track of all so i'm answering in general
  7. cant sell back more than you use, and you get ALOT less R for the units you sell than what you pay. wen IPP comes into play, they might change this (i'm hopeing)
  8. just some general things to concider. One options are to go lead acid on battery and bank on the fact that lithium will just get cheaper (and quickly). so use the cheap lead acid for year or two (about how long they last) and invest into lithium or what ever is the latest then. Lithium dropped by 50% in last 4 years and from what been reading will be about 50% again soon. (if tesla tech gets to the masses). We basicly started with 4 x 120ah lead acid on 1600w inverter so I could keep on working. added another 1600w invter and 4kw solar about year later. Those days 1 inverter cost R20k but payed itself back in lost labour very quickly. Solar was R12/watt, now R4.50. About 4 years ago we installed ~12kwh lithium (home build, so don't know exact capacity) . Now adding another ~3kwh cause I have the cells. Shop bought would have been R160k, we paid R8k to build self. now its about R80k. This now been installed about 6 years. Want to add more solar to cover heating in winter, about 2kw short to cover that, but probably only do that next year, hopeing prices will drop more.
  9. I would not go off grid completely , you can get away with lot less by having the grid as backup.. no need for generators , irritated neighbors etc
  10. We already pay for availability fee in Stellenbosch (think R200), been like that for years... Think they saw the writing in the wall ages ago .
  11. Just indication on COC/Engineerings sign off prices: Somerset West: ~R3100, Stellenbosch ~R 5000 So just work that into the budget if you want to go legal, that is just labour/paperwork .. Some Engineers insist that you install devices from their "associates " that is not needed. IE, a Friend of mine was told he needs surge protection before sign-off, the quote from the associate was nice R15k, luckily friend new its BS and got sign-off without. If you just run as backup system, you often don't need sign-off, depending on muni bylaws as its just a UPS. Some need COC as you wiring it into the DB. good luck with trying to make your mind up 😉
  12. ok, brilliant.. thanks Our whole house is behind the inverter.. the geyser's relay just gets power from grid(have "timer" on this power line for on/off), so if grid fails, relay cannot go on. very crude method of making sure can run of the solar if need be (manual switch on), but won't be on by accident if grid trips. the AC's etc just gets switch off with the HA when grid fails, but they hardly draw power once rooms at temp (inverter types).
  13. I'm arguing with my neighbor 🙂 Basically how our system works (victron) is that you can run of battery (battery/solar) and if use more load than batttery(solar) can give, it starts pulling the shortfall from grid, this is nice if you have small inverter and your geyser goes on, thuss you still run of solar and only small amount from grid. , It seems like the "off grid kodak" will fall over to grid, heat geyser from there, and once load is down again then only go back to battery (solar). (geyser just example load that runs long time.. guess any load could be issue if there is marginal sunshine)
  14. Thanks So , if there not enough solar (cloudy) and battery is flat, it purely runs of the grid, you cannot do halfies between solar and grid?
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