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  1. Cois, your story made me bite the bullet and go for proper checkup 2 days ago after again seeing touch of blood.. ended in hospital today getting piles removed, was lucky, could have been worst. guys, make sure to just go for checkup, ja, its a PIA but cancer is worst . A colonoscopy can pick up issues very early (years) before things turn bad. KdL
  2. Wind is our biggest "danger" they still have level 8 warning out till friday evening . so hopefuly its gone by Sat morning
  3. ok.. but your notes is same as on the website? 1 hr and 30 minutes neutral/feed zone times
  4. o its the same thing.. so website is correcT?
  5. – The second Team Support Zone starts 2.7km before Bonnievale Cellars. Your race time will be paused for up to 30 minutes. This is the only other point on route that the support vehicle is allowed to feed the team. Please ensure that your support vehicle carries all your team’s nutrition and drinks. Water will not be available. Refreshment Stations and Team Support Zones | Double CenturyDouble Century
  6. As far as I remember always been 30 seconds, slowest first. but have to go dig through mails if you really need confirmation only place ever issue is suurbraak if there oncoming traffic. rest is no problem
  7. Well, the one is the Aurgust , other is just a number.
  8. any racetec timed event there will be many popuping up before then i'm sure.
  9. used the link in the email https://track-mb.bra2hmail.com/click/sw436fejtg91a/60b9348d0591c1d8feb591ee/84408172114d9c2d00f6950b12189e05c864255b 2022 Cape Town Cycle Tour Online Entries
  10. ja, me 2... think they did not get memo
  11. Entered Any ideas when seeding is availaible and what weather will be?
  12. umm.. should be able to just click on the link? its on page 1 Posted November 28, 2018 let me try again Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - the long winding road it has become - Training, Health & Nutrition - Bike Hub
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