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  1. That index in the column is the "final" value, so it includes the 10 penalty already. If you go work out the "true" index, it would be 33.86 if their was no penalty. (the formula is in the paragraph).
  2. they said they will send that out this week. guess once the rules are finalized on how to go about getting tested/not tested etc
  3. log into http://seeding.cycletour.co.za/findme.aspx?ss=2&eid=2021 and check. they updated the allocations today. I have index of 36, and that gives 1C
  4. they just said from registration on FB .. no idea where/what that entails as yet They still finalizing all the rules for events this week, so I you will have to "hang b@l" for a bit to find out
  5. If you see 2 ladys behind a BMC you welcome to hook on. We aiming for about 4:30-5hrs so might be bit slow for you..
  6. We starting in 5E for lekker social ride. so you wont be last on bikehub
  7. go to Results (cycletour.co.za) (make sure url ends in 2021) . you will see it gets penalty . there is what is suppose to happen, and real world Unless you know something I don't...... I love the fact you cannot query you seeding anymore.. website is broken. (not trying to be negative, just pointing out reality)
  8. I actually lodged complaint last year, their were so many crashes as bunched merged to quickly. 5 min makes it merge just after were thing get narroow (fishhoek?). Guess they again got told to get everyone off main road quick as possible
  9. nope.. 10 points penalty. I also see they again forgot to reset the beta for CTCT 2020 to 1 , still on 0.89 .. (and all CTCT must be 1 as its the base events) I got seeded on 99er of 2020 . racetec really really really need to get there seeding sorted. but ja.... not topic for this thread.
  10. How in the world did i get 1C Not done any racing since ctct last year…. glad im doing social ride this year….
  11. yup .. i got my tracker installed already.. so not to fussed just the logistics behind proofing it etc going be nightmare..
  12. so must be tested or vacinated ... mmmmmm
  13. Electric wheel chair is @#$@#$ heavy...... How about those dodgy electric kids scooters? (the one you stand on) those fold up easy and should be able to manage weight wise. you might even get away with non electric one if had big wheels for moment
  14. I see one can rent mobilty scooters for about R2k/month. Can we not crowed fund you few months rental?
  15. Currentley my advice to everyone is.. get cheap lead acids.. they will last 1-3 years depending on how many cycles. then replace it with what ever is latest. things are changings so fast and pricing dropping so quick, might be better investment in long term. Also look at diybms.. you order the boards mostley premade , then have todo some soldering and works rather nice. I'm busy building my next laptop battery pack using that. only about 1kwh pack, so nice for testing.
  16. you cannot mix lead/lith in same "pack". also, what BMS you going to use on the lith cells? if good bms and reputable cells they should last very long time. but normally best to just buy lith battery unit with nice bms and warranty Also, if 1 cell packs up after few years, you have to buy whole new set as the balancing going to be screwed up after each cycle and most BMS's won't be able to handle such big difference But ja.. in few years I doubt lead acid will still be option. lith is comming down in price so quickly...
  17. Have you tried the distributors in Somerset West? I'll try find details again, always get very good service from them. never compaired pricing though This is the details I have of them, might have changed since last dealt with them Block F, The Grove, Old Paardevlei Road, Somerset West, 7130 Ph: 021 851 8536 / Fax: 021 852 0771 Website: www.ontrack.co.za edit: I emailed my normal contacts there, will see if they respond and edit the details if changed
  18. I had chat to them, they all in Hawaii, no clue what this CTCT thing is that you all is going on about.
  19. CTCT is not a race, its a funride.. the "other event" on the same day for the elites is though .
  20. Wonder if they going to enforce the mask rule for bunch riding..... (as far i'm aware this is still a thing) I can already see one large f-up with whole rolilng start thing, but might be surprised , but i'm not going to stress about it and starting nice and late with the socialist
  21. Well, must be something new cause when I finished the sportiff, they could not do mat to mat, maybe to many people complained and where forced to update their scripts... but luckily i'm not racing the CTCT this year (if it happens) .. so don't really care, just want to have the badge that I finished another.
  22. They don't use mat to mat, its start groups time and your end time, so if you roll over last, you few minuts later than start groups start time. well, that how its been for every CTCT i've done.
  23. For indicative pricing, see https://powerforum.co.za/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18136
  24. BS Fibre draws almost f-all power, should be on the box/fibre converter. Laser printer on the other hand is beach. has rather spikey power usage. Also, don't by normal UPS, the battery's are not made to cycle more than few times, its for backup .. not often use. Also, they take about 24 hrs to recharge, so never charged on stage 2 shedding. lots of people is learning this the hard way at moment. UPS is just a inverter /charger and battery . Very basic setup: Buy a Kodak/Axpert or what eve 12 or 24v inverter .. get 2 x >100 gellcell deap cycle type battery (no fumes) and connect a multiplug into the output and plug the input into a wall socket with 3 point plug. ITs fully legal as its not permanent and have all the disconnects needed Will cost about R10k Later when you know/learned more .. get things done proper 😉 EDIT: disclaimer .. there to many question, i'm to old to keep track of all so i'm answering in general
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