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  1. Is there a specific type of Terrex for cycling, or are you referring to the regular Terrex cross shoes? I have a pair for gym and casual, and they are amazing.
  2. WordPress is best. You can purchase off the shelf templates with drag and drop content sections. It also allows you to install a wide variety of useful plugins, and should you ever wish to add more features, you have a platform that can manage it.
  3. Same problem. Made worse by saddle bag, so I removed it. Was able to have the shorts patched.
  4. What do you wash your bike with? Any favourite/ recommended products for washing the bike, chainrings, etc? I used NAMGEAR previously, but looking at the Finish Line products.
  5. MarickH


    Are you guys part of any of the LUGs? zaLUG, CapeLUG, JoburgLUG?
  6. Trials cyclist Nils Riecker explores some of the sight Stellenbosch University has to offer. Check it out:
  7. I am considering the same. Look for Seth's Bike Hacks on YouTube for inspiration.
  8. I prefer a tool bottle in my bottle cage, since I use a hydration pack. It takes a lot of stuff, and keeps the heavy things on the bike.
  9. Mine is medium frame. We tried the rail type, not sure if it was Lynne or Woolf, but that also doesn't fit a bottle - even the small bottles. Currently considering Fabric's cageless bottle. I am able to fit a cage with one of the small tool bottles.
  10. The wife and I went for our first ride yesterday. Just a quick cruise around the neighbourhood to get used to our bikes. Gosh, it was wonderful. I had a smile on my face most of the time, and still got a good workout. Best buy ever.
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