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  1. Probably unlikely to be compatible as some of the older Shimano BB's had different size tools between the models...IIRC, XTR/Dura Ace had a deeper tooth/groove than others, so the tool had teeth accordingly.
  2. As long as both have ANT+ and/or Bluetooth compatibility then yes they will talk to each other... I know for a fact the DuoTrap sensor has both - not too clued up on the Neostrack but a simple Google search says that it also has both so they should communicate with no issues.
  3. Ah ok yeah shame...like I said I sold mine 8 years ago at 7k. I did well and I battled to sell it for that then, as it was at the time when 29ers were becoming popular so 26ers were just becoming hard to sell... I have a simple formula that is more or less correct - a bike devalues by around 50% in the first year - so a bike that you buy for 100k - you might get between 50-70k within a year or so (very dependent on the market at the time of listing)...after that it's downhill from there. My boss struggled to sell his Epic for 50k about 18 months after purchase after having paid 110k... oh well good luck with the sale.
  4. That looks like my bike I sold in 2011, I got 6k for mine back then...if you get 6k for it now you would be doing well. The problems are the rings are hard to come by now (they were hard to come by in 2011) and the shifters are also potentially an issue - if they were to fail/wear out then the options are limited.
  5. Still no sign of this bike - nor any other of the bikes taken in the same period. We have had 8 bikes relieved from us in total since the 17th of march....not one hint of any of them.
  6. Common on these older Zipps... 2:1 lacing on any wheel is asking for trouble. Repairing carbon rims is asking for trouble - frames are fine as they are not as dynamically loaded as rims.
  7. Still cannot believe that there is not one hint of where this one off bike has gone to...it is literally the only one in the country!
  8. Having had a number of bikes relieved from my garage recently I know what its like to have this happen...not nice...I don't believe they are ALL going cross border - yes some do but not all... I have been preaching this for 10+ years since the jackings started...steal a bike, strip the parts and sell them openly - because who is going to recognize their GX rear derailleur on its own - and further more how would one even prove that the derailleur was on your bike? The seller has a story along the lines of "I upgraded" or the like...
  9. Hi guys please help Jean Spies get to the Olympics, as we know this would be self funded expedition, he has had phenomenal support from his UK based sponsor - still needs a bit more assistance to get to all the major races worldwide to qualify though. If you may please donate where possible to the below page; https://clickndonate.com/spies-project-road-to-tokyo-2020-olympics-goal-2-000-000/ Thank you!
  10. Sadly enough I would assume it would be "taken away" from BPT and Cape Cycles would be the new distributors...
  11. Stolen: Trek Superfly 2013 When: 5 April 2019 Where: Roodepoort, Gauteng Stolen out my garage early Friday morning Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  12. Stolen: Trek Marlin 7 2019 When: 5 April 2019 Where: Roodepoort, Gauteng Bikes stolen out my garage early Friday morning Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  13. Stolen: Trek Top Fuel 2017 When: 5 April 2019 Where: Roodepoort, Gauteng Bikes Stolen Out of my garage early Friday morning. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  14. Not necessarily... Creaks are always a tricky and annoying thing to chase, especially for your mechanic.... List of things it could be; Spokes cassette - particularly the Sram ones that are supported at essentially one end and rely on rivets to transfer the loads Chain - yes a chain can contribute toward a creak freehub skewer/thru axles pivot bearings - commonly chased/often blamed yet not always the issue pivot bolts - same as above BB chainring bolts pedals - can also be the cleat/shoe/pedal interface - ride with tekkies to test seatpost + saddle, also commonly blamed headset fork steerer interface into crown - very rare but not unheard of steerer to stem interface stem to bars interface Wheel bearings - again not common but often overlooked especially the rear
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