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  1. Spruit, top of Alberts Farm, beautiful day, you can see beginning of winter haze
  2. Got this yesterday. Park Tools workstand clamp. A friend made the stand and I just bought the clamp unit (with a benchmount base). Advantage over my old one is you can clamp onto the seatpost. My old one (Tork Craft), was not strong enough, and you have to clamp onto the top tube which interfers with the front derailleur cable, and prevents you from doing gear adjustments on the stand.
  3. I have used the SAPO for the last time... My last parcel from USA, ordered the goods 27/08/2014.. arrived here early March this year So I thought, things are looking up.. I actually received my goods, so I made the error of ordering some more stuff, by post. This was on 29/02/2015. The strike is over so I thought all would be good. Well it isn't. Firstly the local PO tells me they're still catching up after the strike!!! For f***s sake, surely some overtime is required to catch up for what is basically a speed/time based service???? No, no worries for this lot, They just saunter on at snail's pace, Then when I question this latest parcel, I'm told, when it comes to overseas parcels, I must learn to be patient!!!!!! Seriously.... well I guess it's only 2 months now, it could have rowed itself here in that time, but I'll just have to be patient, more is nog 'n dag...
  4. It's the same old Mac versus Microsoft, Samsung versus iPhone, I say each to their own.. but I do happen to like Trances I rode a Pyga 110 the other day and I liked that too...
  5. For flat pedals I like these... only weigh 320gms... R950.00 http://www.performancebikes.co.za/pFUNN0014/FUNN-Fundamental-pedals.aspx
  6. We need a dedicated cycle path... for cyclists only. I see runners and walkers are now using our bridge underpasses as well as some consideration....
  7. RichieT

    Formula 1...

    Rosberg should stop whinging and focus on overtaking Hamilton.... will make for more interesting races...
  8. And I've been waiting 5 weeks now for a small parcel from USA. Last one from the same place was posted on 27/08/2014.... got here about 3 weeks ago
  9. They're just following the Eskom model
  10. Found a new spot for breakfast at Harties (Greek church somewhere in the background...)
  11. I have just sent wheels by Postnet. Joburg to Cape Town cost R140 and Hout Bay to Joburg was R99! Go figure! But for R140 they packed the wheels, two separate packs was best, most compact. Courier Guy is also quite good SAPO is a lucky dip .......mostly unlucky...
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