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  1. Havent posted in a while but finally reassembled the bike after the move (and winter). Kudos to Bogus on the spray job. Frame I bought back in SA about 18months ago from AliB, groupset from CRC, bars off the hub, swapped the wheels for my old mtb frame and already had the seat.
  2. I have had bicycles insured through my broker for years (MF). Hairline crack on the seat post (2nd hand bike) the paid me out the value for new frame based on a picture and letter from bikeshop saying that the integrity of the frame could not be guaranteed if repaired. ca. R20k
  3. Formally employed with 4-8 years exp about 4 to 5
  4. I never suggested people on the hub earn R200k although I'm sure there are some and I'm acutely aware of how nett salary works I was illustrating the point that the bike is about two months nett salary here (Switzerland), so while still expensive it would be no different from someone in SA buying a R50k bike based on a R25k nett salary, which is quite common. My other point was that the bicycle is still more expensive than buying a new 600cc motorcycle, which I also find ridiculous. Whether two months, or 4 months salary is worth a bicycle I don't know but for me (mid pack at best) it isn't. Some other random comparisons that bike would only cost 1300 pints, if converted. http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Switzerland&country2=South+Africa&city1=Zurich&city2=Johannesburg But I still think you should ask for the raise
  5. That bike here costs 13'376 CHF - R190k excluding shipping and import duties etc http://www.bellatisport.com/shop/shopping/product_details.php?id=2699 Which is about 2 months nett salary for the average person but still disproportionate. You can get a new Yamaha F6 for about 9-10k CHF.
  6. JGR


    Wow! This would be huge - another Hansie There seems to be little credibility in sport these days
  7. These are mostly commuter bikes left, unlocked mostly at train stations surely. Secondly I think many more people use bicycles there than here so not quite apples and apples. Quite different from being bike jacked for bike more valuable that many small 2nd cars.
  8. JGR


    Good to see the team performing either way. Hopefully the environment at the game with put them in good stead for the upcoming games
  9. JGR


    Disgusting. Did you hear the commentator have a go at the police, who were just chilling watching the game.
  10. Afrikaans is my 2nd language and whilst I got most if it was pretty incoherent. I also don't live in SA anymore. Please tell me about your extensive experience with other minority languages in SA. Pedi perhaps? Topic seemed quite serious and wanted to make sure I understood what he was trying to convey
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