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  1. Go to Tauns FB page https://www.facebook.com/AdventureSolutionsRSA He must correct his FB page to read Bespoke scammer operator, with a focus on stealing your cash, but we offer solutions for all types of outdoor adventures
  2. So the bulk email Taun sent was to promote his new foray into clothing apparel , and he now now launching his new Tours to Patagonia......he wont just be ripping you off for R7k more like R70k
  3. Just received a marketing email from our friend Taun today, wants me to buy more stuff, but he still owes me R7500.
  4. I have had my cancelled trip to the Kalagadi Pans , transferred twice, still no trips, still no money back from Taun And also he has no insurance, ask those people whose bikes fell off, while he was driving...
  5. And everyone is ignoring the Tax implications of BITCOIN, those who do not disclose, are in a small heap of trouble. If you bought and haven't sold, you are okay, and will pay the tax when you exit. To traders, this will deemed to be your income, and push you into a much higher tax bracket. All the banks have to report the purchase of Bitcoin etc to FIC and SARS. SARS have started looking.
  6. Matthew, well done, I passed you early on in the race, my advice, stick to the shorter distances, your overall body frame size is still on the small size. Do not rush it, Train harder and pace yourself. BTW the field was very small, in all the categories.
  7. Allways stop and help, one day you will also need help. Two weeks ago I found two gents from Centurion who both had had 4 punctures each, and were stranded on the noitgedacht road, i offerd them a ride to a safer place, but they had already phoned a friend. If cyclists could learn to place thier helmets on the road next to thier bikes, if they need help, the same as motorcylists do.
  8. It happens every weekend at NF, just shake my head and enjoy the ride....
  9. If anyone has one or knows of a bike shop with one, I need to ream the bottom of my headset by a further 4,5mm to take the Cane Creek EC 44/40 headset.
  10. There are plenty available at the registration
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