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  1. Friend of mine ran a 3h06 at N4 Trac Elands marathon. How do I break it to him that his efforts are in vain as it isn't recognised as a Comrades qualifying race
  2. Vetplant

    Formula 1...

    One thing to remember is it seems to be a cycle that repeats itself throughout the ages. Each "older" generation accuses the younger generation of not wanting to work as hard. Maybe it is less an issue of generation, but rather a stage of life issue. I have much more motivation and joy in my work now than what I had in my 20s while I was still finding myself. 🤷‍♂️ Sorry, all of that is WAY off-topic! Lets. Go. Racing! My hot take: VCaRB is going to ruin the fun for a couple of mid-pack runners. 😈
  3. Sanity check: seems DSTV is not broadcasting Omloop today, right? So are we forced to use Tiz Cycling? I'm not about to subscribe to some additional just to watch it today.
  4. Strongs to the cyclist for the road to full recovery ahead. I can't tell anyone what the right thing is in their own scenario. But for me, personally: I reached the point about 2 years ago where road cycling just wasn't worth the risk anymore. I have two kids and a Wife at home, I need think of them when I choose my hobbies.
  5. The GC battle could be quite spicy this year with Pidcock being mentioned as a GC threat. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this list of potential GC leaders correct?😱 Jumbo Visma - Jonas Vingegaard UAE - Tadej Ineos - Pidcock BORA - Primoz Soudal Quickstep - Remco
  6. Vetplant

    Formula 1...

    Biggest Bombshell in F1 that I can think off. No-one saw this coming. Plus, they still need to go through the entire 2024 season before the switch happens. Mick might get a couple of races this year...
  7. I showed the website to a Colleague/Friend of mine yesterday. He was absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of features on it. We are really spoilt. It is my absolute go-to platform for planning and progress evaluation.
  8. Waiting for more info before commenting more. All the best in troubling times to a family with small kids that lost their mother
  9. Agree. But sitting in 2nd, ready to pounce if anything happens to Jonas, is a great place to be. Stuff happens at the Tour all the time, and UAE will try their darndest to make the most of any opportunity presented to them
  10. Solid squads for his Giro and Tour aspirations: (Jumbo are going to have to come well prepared) UAE preselections for 2024 Giro and Tour | #Giro #TDF2024 GIRO D'ITALIA (4/5 - 26/5) Pogacar, Bjerg, Grossschartner, Majka, Molano, Novak, R.Oliveira, Vine TOUR DE FRANCE (29/6 - 21/7) Pogacar, Almeida, Ayuso, Politt, Sivakov, Soler, Wellens, A.Yates
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