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  1. Bissenger and Remco just rolled off the ramp. Serious contenders for the podium.
  2. Yep, my thinking too. You enter with your ID number and the system goes to the Vaccination database to check your status. If not there, "please jump through hoops 1,2,3,4..." Electronic Vaccination "Proof" is supposedly ready to go live at the end of SEPT, so allowing for teething issues, useable by end of Oct. 🤷‍♂️
  3. That is great, if we are not in a position where we are going through a peak of serious infections. ie. Overflowing hospitals and people dying in high numbers. In that case the Government might again bring in Lockdown Level 4 and take away some privileges, regardless of whether CSA had a nice plan in place to reduce the risks. But, if we have a rise in numbers that do not transfer into high hospitalizations, then I think the events will be allowed to proceed. Obviously, should also go ahead if cases hold steady. My point is just that there is still uncertainty over whether it goes ahead, because these events need Approval from authorities, which can be denied.
  4. Unfortunately for the organizers, I would stick it out to as late as feasibly possible before I commit my own cash to an entry. Anybody that tells us they have certainty over when the 4th wave is due is not to be trusted. We simply don't know. Heck, we can have a resurgence of the 3rd Wave even, nobody knows the future. We make best guesses based on what has happened in the past.
  5. I'm 35. I did an interval running session on Wednesday(no underlying illness), where I hit 193BPM. I wasn't about to fall over either. I have hit 197bpm in the past couple of years during things like 947 etc. Everyone's heart is different, just make sure you know what your "normal" is. Threshold session at 175bpm for me is comfortably hard. Whereas for someone else my age, that would be dangerous.
  6. I know your pain. Steer clear of all people... as soon as two people ride together, I try to WIN!
  7. Yeah, take it slow and steady. Buddy of mine was also told that he needs to stay in Zone 2 for at least two months after recovery from Covid. I did the same, don't want to cause damage by going too hard too soon.
  8. Can someone direct me to SANDTON, WESTERN CAPE, please.
  9. I'm still confused. I knew Simba was the buyer, but somewhere along the way a few lines were crossed and I thought Wade and Ace Cycles were one and the same. Things get complicated very quickly in storylines if you have more than 2 protagonists. But I like the banter, keeps me busy on 2-hour long Department TEAM meetings where I am only needed for a 2min feedback...
  10. For some reason, this reminded me of a motorbike story that happened to my Wife's Uncle: Selling his Motorbike, a guy shows up in his car and they do the normal chat and he asks for a test-drive. Uncle says sure, as the car is there, no issue. Never saw the dude or the Motorbike again. Guy arrived with a stolen Car!
  11. NOTED, I'll go edit my original post in respect for Std Bank
  12. Does the option exist that Standard Bank is a crap service provider in this case? Maybe the back-end got the Immediate payment and sent the notification, but their systems prevented the system from showing the transaction as "completed" on the front-end? Bank system developers might be able to advise how a payment notification can be received on an Immediate payment but it doesn't reflect on the bank account. Methinks a third force is at play here and both the seller and buyer got a bad experience because of this. PS. I'll be happy to apologize to Standard Bank if the scenario above cannot happen. Apologies Standard Bank, no harm intended.
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