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  1. Maharaj becomes 2nd Saffer to the take a hat-trick in Test cricket. Windies go from 90-2 to 107-6. Almost home-and-dry
  2. 🔞I suspect we have a time traveler from the past in our midst people. 🔞 Everybody keep an eye on this one...
  3. I'll happily climb on the Wout train for stage 1 and/or Stage 2, taking yellow on either of these days. Maybe they will split it. Day 1, MvdP. Day 2, WvA
  4. I would be too, see as he is Dutch.... (Sorry, someone was going to do it, might as well be me )
  5. Vetplant


    Wayde ran a 44.53 to qualify for the Olympics. (He needed to clock 44.90 to qualify) Still some way off his supreme best form, but at least he will be there. Not much time left to improve, so we shouldn't load the expectations too high on him.
  6. Gutted for QdK, falling so close to another solid 100. Happy to see him on good form.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/Cyclingnewsfeed/status/1405885422840987649
  8. Yoh, difficult question straight out the gate.. Which team do you support...? How do I choose between JV, UAE and Qhubeka....?! Why not all of them? 😁
  9. Vetplant

    Formula 1...

    High-speed Street circuits are maybe not worth the risk?
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