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  1. Why does the wife's bike always (okay, maybe 95% of the time) have to be cheaper than the husbands?
  2. Stix - we want to see the built up bike...
  3. I'm glad you're sorted!! See you next week!
  4. Hey Mark - how's the knee doing?
  5. WW - are you doing the Sani2C? Good to see you getting into the mountain biking!
  6. That's not good news nqala24 - sorry to hear!
  7. The geometry of ladies-specific bikes doesn't suit me either. Wonder Woman - you also don't ride a WSD, do you?
  8. How much for the Epic FSR?
  9. Our team was 260, 261, 262, 263 and 264. Thank you!!
  10. Sorry HR, you're alone on this one...
  11. As for the Aussies in picture they were not first................ Like in some more recent sporting events... WW - I believe the spectators had goose-bumps! Wow!
  12. Turboman, Great! Did you see the interview? B.T.W - that's the Ausies in the background, sorry...
  13. Don't stress! Think you'll probably recognize the stoker as he's a boytjie from "da souf" and often rides with us. Ask Wonder Woman - she also knows him. These guys aparently made the Hill Climb at the Jock look like a downhill race. That after killing the guys on the road race the day before. RESPECT!
  14. Well, Ewep they were actually on SS on Tuesday. Unfortunately I couldn't see the insert myself but I believe it was really nice! HR - I love riding tandem!
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