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  1. Nice looking ride. There are those that will say, it is only a Merida (snobs). Get the pics as you would sell the bike. If you are going to change wheels and maybe remove the pedals, then have pics accordingly. Unfortunately, a bike is only worth as much as the 2nd hand market is willing to pay for it. And it is a stingy market
  2. Think Quintana will honour his contract through 2018 with Movistar
  3. He'll need a team around him. DD can't offer that at the moment.
  4. Hi, how about some oval road chainrings....
  5. Dumoulin is not riding Vuelta. Other things to Focus on. Neither is G Thomas. So if Froome rides his only competition will be Nibali probably. Maybe El Pistolero can do something. He did seem to finish the Tour strong. Also totally over UK Postal and their boring ways....
  6. And Golf is not even a sport. The mind boggles
  7. Maybe once he starts drinking their pineapple juice, he'll get back to form
  8. As far as I know it's not fake, but a tyre can be tracked via the serial number. So whoever sells a item without a serial number is just protecting its source
  9. Just check, sometimes they grind it off and then use a permanent marker to cover it again
  10. So, as far as I know, the tyres with scraped serial numbers are the real thing, but brought in via unofficial channels. Got the following quote from someone in the know about 2 years ago: "Vittoria tyres are made with a protective layer on the inside, so when you scrape the serial number, you damage that layer and sealant can then react in a negative way with the tyre causing it to come of the rim while riding."
  11. Makes sense, then ofcourse, Piti will probably take it this year. Spanish beef or Hungarian engineering.....
  12. Porte is guaranteed to have a bad day on the bike where he'll lose 5+ minutes
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