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  1. now we onto oppression..wow. I'm outa here. Just reminded myself once again why I don't visit the hub that often.
  2. "that's the exactly the problem with this country" haha yes sure ok!
  3. To the OP........wow, seriously looking for k@k if you ask me. Be careful out there, as maybe one day you might just find it
  4. DJ, this flax seed oil. Do you rub it on or ingest it?
  5. I would also be interested. MX broken knee, then snapped ACL, surgery, 4 years ago & my knee is always sore. Went to a physio yesterday, but the irratating pain in the joint and surrounding just stays.
  6. I say close the postal service down, ungrateful buggers. Then use the private services.
  7. Many years ago. On a trip to the states, I bought all new MX kit. I then made sure I used it once or twice (I went snowmobiling), so it looked like I took the gear with me. No problems at customs then. Not sure if you could apply the same
  8. Wipeout2

    Giant SA

    Wow, OK. You would think Giant would do some sort of FEA testing that would point out a weak point like that.
  9. Wipeout2

    Giant SA

    what do you guys do to break a frame? I weight in at 103, and take my scott totally off the ground on some of the jumps at the big red barn...and all still seems to be ok. Maybe the full sus helps. So what are you putting your bike through?....or is that hush hush in case your warranty is rejected
  10. I used to, 15km there and 15km back (high school)......as I was tired of all the barnies on the bus between the different schools. But best of all I had the freedom to go and do whatever I wanted after school (biking brought me much independance) I would love my kids to cycle to school, but I would probably be the first one to not let them (would worry too much)
  11. and I just changed from Shimano to Crank bros (egg beaters).........couldnt get my damn left foot outquick enough and had an embarrasing bail on Friday. Will just have to get used to them. To your post - I did not experience that with my Shimano's and not sure if adjustment will stop that, but worth a try.
  12. I weight in at 104 (pure lean muscle, not really!) and ride a full sus Scott spark 29er. Nothing broken yet, but think the full suspension helps a bit.
  13. Wipeout2

    Who remembers?

    My dream car, when I was a kid was to have a Ford XR6, with solid tyres (so that when the cops shoot at the wheels they wont go flat) and a CB (with a very long ariel). Thank goodness I changed my mind on that one.
  14. Wipeout2

    Who remembers?

    Thanks, but it looks like it has been removed from the app store.
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