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  1. Hey motorcycling friends! I've got a 2007 F650GS and the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is the fact it runs tubes. Would a ghetto tubeless conversion work? Or is a tubliss fitment a better bet?
  2. Hi guys, A question for the legal eagles. A relative passed away last week after a long illness. Single female (divorced), with no children. Surviving relatives are two siblings and a parent. There is supposedly a will but it has yet to be found. The estate is very small, definitely under the R250k threshold; there's a pretty good chance that the liabilities outweigh the assets. No property. I spoke to a local firm and they've quoted R5k for the letter of Authority, and 3.5% of the estate to wind everything up. My question is this, who has an obligation to do what? As far as I can see there's precious little to sort out. Would it be illegal to simply sell the car (or scrap it) and distribute those proceeds and a few personal items among family and friends, and move on? Given that this doesn't contradict the terms of the will (if it's found). We have the Death Certificate, Notice of Death, ID book (stamped 'deceased'), confirmation of cremation, and burial order.
  3. Hoping someone has some advice for me. I have a family member who is in very poor health and who doesn't have the funds for private health care. She has been receiving treatment from Charlotte Maxeke hospital, and has had one operation to her throat and now requires another. But every time they tell her to come for this operation, they cancel it on her arrival. She hasn't been able to take in solids for some weeks now and is skeletally thin, weak and close to collapse. Does anyone have any advice on how to navigate the system at Charlotte Maxeke (aka Joburg Gen)? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks all, some great advice. Spoke to a professional in this arena. Their advice was that it's safe for me to transfer the funds - there are no tax implications. And there's a very clear and verifiable paper trail which confirms the process as well as the intent of all the parties concerned. And SARS isn't losing any potential tax revenue. Also confirmed the logistics of the transactions with my bank, who are totally unfazed. So, I'm going to go ahead. Thanks again, some great input from you all.
  5. So an elderly relative passed away a couple of years back and left money to me and my cousins. I've been paid out - yay - but my cousins are struggling to get theirs. The problem is that they emigrated to the US 20 - 30 years ago and the bank which is handling the estate says that they haven't 'emigrated properly' whatever that means, so to get their money they have two choices: Complete their emigration or Sign a third party indemnity to pay someone local. I'm very happy to help them with option 2 by accepting the funds and then doing a bank transfer to their US accounts. The total amount in question is just over half a mil in rands. So my question is if the money is transferred into my account and then I transfer all of it to them, are there any tax/legal issues for me? I haven't come close to using up my R1mil annual forex allowance so there's no problem with that. And my tax affairs are up to date and in good order. Any advice for me?
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out and report back.
  7. Ah yes, the mythical auction house that sells the stuff they confiscate at the airport. I don't believe it exists. But if I locate it, I'll share it here...
  8. So after running out of bombs on the trail recently I resolved to stock up on the 25g version. There's a huge price variance across the different shops, from R25 for a bulk purchase, right up to R65. Best so far is Bike Addict at the low price quoted. Anyone else found them at good prices?
  9. Thanks dude. It's been a bit of a learning curve. I got seduced by the low mileage - 13 500 km. But after having to buy new tyres, new sprockets and chain, new fork seals and now possibly a new master cylinder, I'm way over budget on this bike. Which is a function of the fact that I bought it without seeing it. And also that a low mileage means a bike that hasn't been regularly used can have mechanical consequences. You live, you learn. I've fitted a tall screen and am on the hunt for a raised seat, I've got one of those terrible low ones. Can't wait to go touring!
  10. Okay, so I'm back on a bike. Found a 2007 BMW F650GS that was in a barn for 10 years. Having a lot of fun with it. One of the best things is that compared to my bicyles, it's pretty cheap to service/fix. It's my first bike after a 20 year break so I've got a bit of catching up to do. Quick question, why can't I convert my wheels into tubeless the same way I did on the MTB? I've just fitted new Mitas E07s and the thought that they're 'tubed' is giving me a headache...
  11. It'll stop being a conspiracy when I get a diamond... I seem to be a magnet for those 25ers
  12. Anyone been tracking the diamond positions? I'm deeply suspicious of the whole thing. Convinced that positions are set AFTER you make your selection...
  13. Hackster


    I can deal with taxis because their unpredictability is predictable. And I've often found that they're prepared to give me a gap. But what is starting to be a problem is Uber drivers. Some of them will wait for a client in a way that almost blocks the road. Couldn't be bothered to pull over to the side neatly. That really gets my blood boiling.
  14. I'm not a great fan of 'bike' tools. You can normally find similar quality for half the price if you go to a 'tool' shop. Not that this has stopped me from overpaying for a number of Park Tools.
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