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  1. yeah, I also heard about some issues of that nature, guess it's down to a really great brand and tried an trusted but older wheel with what I have read handles the wind quite nicely for a 58mm rim vs something new..
  2. Thanks, they are about 8 years old, if not these, I am potentially looking at a set of Darkhorse 50's.
  3. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bike-rims/663595/zipp-404
  4. Thread revive, I see there’s a set of 404’s in classifieds for R15k, a good buy?
  5. Surely this driver can be located via cameras 🎥 at entrance and exit?
  6. yes, low energy, more suitable as a food source
  7. Just heard the report was not factual, apologies.
  8. The range is split into 3, with each offering different nutritional benefits, check the different names, I.e. Crush, Dash and Goo. They support general health, sustained energy and more immediate energy. Not produced my Rhodes though.
  9. Are darkhorse a great option, I’m eyeing the 50mm’s front and back, just worried about stiffness. My current wheels are quite stiff and I tip the scales at 97kg.
  10. Damn, had similar procedure a few years ago, nerve was also completely impacted, the pain is the worst ever! and surgery was also the only option, all the best with your recovery
  11. I’m not the quickest, but also surprised by my G start
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